Best Presales Books from 2022

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Looking for the latest and greatest to come out from presales thought leaders? We’ve compiled the best presales books published in 2022. Check out these titles for the most up-to-date strategies and techniques to keep your skills honed.  

Doing Discovery: The Single Most Important Element of Software Sales and Buyer Enablement Processes – Peter Cohan August 5, 2022

Research shows that presales pros rate discovery as the most effective activity they can focus on to boost results. Peter Cohan of Great Demo! relates how he asked the head of sales at a client org what percentage of their sales team does a good job at discovery vs what percentage think they’re good at discovery. The answer: only 20% were actually doing effective discovery while the other 80% thought they were but were falling short of the mark. This book covers the Seven Levels of Successful Discovery and how mastering these levels can help your teams reach their sales objectives and enable buyers more easily.

Mastering Technical Sales: The Sales Engineer’s Handbook – John Care April 10, 2022

John Care, author of The Trusted Advisor Sales Engineer, knows what it takes to navigate the technical side of the sales process. He knows what it takes to get started as a new engineer, the pains and gains of business value discovery, how to deliver a virtual demo, and what it takes to manage time effectively. This year, John released a fourth edition of this handbook with updated insights for presales professionals looking for updated tips to master technical sales. 

The Jolt Effect: How High Performers Overcome Customer Indecision – Matthew Dixon and Ted McKenna September 20, 2022

The worst response from a customer isn’t “No,” it’s “Maybe.” Sales experts Matthew Dixon and Ted McKenna have seen this countless times and know that indecision is the biggest risk to deals failing. Traditional methods for dealing with customer indecision are ineffective because they don’t address the root of the problem: fear of making a bad decision. The Jolt Effect takes a data driven look at why so many deals end in no decision and offers a new approach for tackling customer uncertainty head on. We’ll give you a sneak peak: it’s not the potential for success customers are preoccupied with, instead they’re held back by fear of failing. 

Deal Crash: The ‘Growth Mindset’ Sales Strategy For Transforming Your Win Rate – Daryn Mason 19 Aug, 2022

Are you having trouble figuring out why some of your deals fail? Daryn Mason uses the same technique employed by air accident investigators to evaluate crash sites to become a Deal Crash Investigator. He’s helped many sales organizations identify and fix the issues causing their deals to crash and burn. Deepen the Sales-Presales partnership by using Daryn’s growth mindset to avoid destructive deal malfunctions.

Selling in a Crisis: 55 Ways to Stay Motivated and Increase Sales in Volatile Times – Jeb Blount October 18, 2022

The market has been in a state of volatility making selling difficult. Spending freezes, delaying decisions, and companies needing to cut back seem to be everywhere and yet, you still have to make quota. Jeb Blount, well-known sales trainer, has created 55 proven methods for retaining customers, keeping your pipeline full, and increasing sales. Expertly navigate the storm and keep your career on track.

Elite Sales Strategies: A Guide to Being One-Up, Creating Value, and Becoming Truly Consultative – Anthony Iannarino April 5, 2022

When working with customers, you need to provide guidance and information that will allow them to reach the decision that will serve them best. Anthony Iannarino, master sales leader and author, details how to approach every deal from a position of expertise and authority. Anthony shares his experiences, unique sales perspective, and proven methodology so that you can become an elite sales strategist.     

To make sure you have all the best literature to sharpen your skills check out the (Updated) Presales Reading List and the original Presales Reading list. Don’t have time for a full book? Check out Dojo Online or the Burning Presale Podcast for helpful tips and useful reminders about anything and everything in the world of Presales.

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