Demo Automation for Customer Success

A man seated at a laptop, showcasing a demo automation on his screen with a thumbs up signifying customer success.
Companies need to make themselves churn-proof. Demo automation scales Customer Success teams, helps retention rates, and enables customers the entire lifecycle.

Customer Success is more than a department. It’s a strategy for enabling your buyers after the deal’s signed. This philosophy of customer advocacy creates a domino effect that influences every part of your business.  

It’s now  6-7X more expensive to acquire new customers than to hang on to the customers you already have. So, if your churn numbers are high, you’re still losing money even if your revenue stream is strong. 

Customer Success is seeing many solutions spring up to help these teams support their customers at scale. Still, demo automation provides unique opportunities to enable users throughout their entire buyer lifecycle.    

Benefits of Adding Demo Automation to Customer Success Strategies

A lot is riding on your customer experience after the purchase. Using demo automation, you can create a cohesive strategy using demo creation software and interactive product demos to onboard, provide on-demand support, and foster customer growth and adoption.

Instead of creating traditional “demos,” you’ll use the same technology to:  

  1. Reduce churn and increase recurring revenue.
  2. Increase customer lifetime value by helping them reach goals.
  3. Build stronger relationships with your champion and users.
  4. Improve customer satisfaction by improving their platform experience. 
  5. Receive better feedback about features leading to overall product improvement.
  6. Gain competitive advantage over competitors using more traditional CS methods.

How can you do all this with a platform that seems designed to enable sales and presales? Easy, by following the best practices laid out in the next section.

Demo Automation Best Practices for Customer Success 

Adding demo automation to your Customer Success strategy is about supplementing what you already do for customers with on-demand support. But don’t worry; platforms like Consensus are flexible enough to fit your needs. Here are some places to add demo automation to your customer success efforts.

  • Personalized welcome video. Thank your customers, by name, for putting their trust in you. Show excitement and set expectations for what comes next.
  • Onboarding overview video. Provide a clear understanding of implementation stages, use cases, and achievable goals. Include any additional resources you have that will create a smooth experience.
  • Migration or integration walkthroughs. Make this nerve-wracking process smoother by explaining the basics for moving from one system to another or how your solution integrates with platforms already in use, such as CRM and email.
  • In-app training demos and interactive product walkthroughs. Create an easy-to-access set of training materials that live on your platform. Break messaging down by system permission or roles that make the most sense for your customer. Show them how it works on your actual solution with interactive product walkthroughs like Tours.
  • Knowledge base videos. Provide information about your solution in multiple formats to support all types of learning. The script can even be taken directly from your existing knowledge base articles.
  • Enablement “warm up” videos. Guide your customers through what you’ll cover in the full enablement session. Take a sneak peek at what areas will require extra emphasis by checking analytics before the meeting. 
  • Answering email with video. Support unexpected questions from customers with a personalized video. Help them understand the core principles of your training either prior to or after a live event.
  • Quarterly Business Review or Executive Business Review overviews. Provide a personalized explanation of recurring reviews. Cover current issues, projects, goals, usage metrics, personnel changes, and upcoming renewals. 
  • Renewal overview video. Showcase accomplishments and ROI based on customer stats to drive upcoming renewals. Include goals, usage metrics, success stories, ROI calculations, upcoming costs, and contract reviews.
  • Security, privacy, and GDPR. Get ahead of “Security Refreshes” that are blockers for renewals. Include all privacy, security, and any other documentation needed in the demo.

It’s Not a Matter of If but When

Companies need to make themselves churn-proof. You’re losing money on new deals even if you add logos left and right. 

A 5% increase in retention translates to an increase in profits by over 25%. Keeping the customers you have is the best way to make sure you meet your revenue goals. 

Demo automation helps retention rates stay high by scaling your Customer Success teams and enabling customers long after the deal’s been signed. Prioritizing customer success creates a win-win situation where customers and your organization achieve objectives and sustainable growth.

Consensus is Intelligent Demo Automation that scales your presales function.