Webinar: Building Buying Consensus: Lessons From 20 Years of Research

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Hear the founder of B2P Partners, a leading B2B marketing and sales strategy group, discuss insights from their 20 years of research on the buying process in 20 minutes. You will learn:

6 obstacles to building consensus in B2B sales

6 steps to equipping your sales and marketing teams to build consensus

How your ‘stall’ rate compares with colleagues and industry norms

How technology is revealing buying groups and empowering champions to sell for you

About the Presenters

Wayne Cerullo
Wayne Cerullo
Chief Prospect Officer, B2P Partners

Wayne founded B2P Partners to make B2B marketing more powerful by making it more personal. His passion is to help companies more effectively and enjoyably serve the people who are their clients. B2P has been doing this for B2B leaders such as Siemens, Visa, Baxter Healthcare, as well as many fast-growing SaaS innovators for the last15 years.

Prior to B2P, Wayne helped shape the global marketing communications of IBM, Microsoft, and Intel. His work at agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather, McCann-Erickson, and Young & Rubicam earned seven EFFIE awards for marketing effectiveness.

Starting with BA from Princeton University in the (oxymoronic) history of modernization, Wayne indulged his penchant for TLAs with an MBA from NYU. A former New Yorker and one-time Parisian, he lives in the San Francisco area with his wife, two offspring who have mistakenly ended up in marketing, and pair of running shoes.

Garin Hess, Founder & CEO, Consensus
Garin Hess
Founder & CEO, Consensus

Garin Hess is a serial entrepreneur with over 18 years of hands-on in-the-trenches experience. Garin has founded two software companies, two industry conferences, and a non-profit organization.

He is currently the founder and CEO of CONSENSUS, an interactive demo automation software company that helps sales organizations scale the presales function.

Outside of work, he enjoys reading history, mountain biking, singing with and conducting community choirs, and spending time with his family. For Garin, nothing else beats a lazy morning cooking breakfast for his wife and three kids or trying hard to keep up with his son on the tennis court.

About the Presenter

John Cook

John Cook

Marketing pilgrim, startup enthusiast, and father of a whole passel of amazing kids.

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