Webinar – “Building Buying Consensus: Lessons From 20 Years of Research”

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Building Buying Consensus: Lessons From 20 Years of Research

Thursday, June 20, 2019 @11 a.m. Mountain Time (GMT-6:00)

From the Buyer Enablement Series:

Hear the founder of B2P Partners, a leading B2B marketing and sales strategy group, discuss insights from their 20 years of research on the buying process in 20 minutes.

You will learn:

· 6 obstacles to building consensus in B2B sales
· 6 steps to equipping your sales and marketing teams to build consensus
· How your ‘stall’ rate compares with colleagues and industry norms
· How technology is revealing buying groups and empowering champions to sell for you.

About the Presenter

John Cook

John Cook

Marketing pilgrim, startup enthusiast, and father of a whole passel of amazing kids.

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