3 Things B2B Sales Can Learn from Relationship Marketing

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While the job of a B2B sales rep is focused on closing a deal, taking a prospect to becoming a customer, it’s good to keep relationships ongoing even after they reach customer status. Like a good relationship marketer, just pinging clients every now and then is a great way to keep good rapport, instill a feeling of support, increase chances of renewals, and lower chances of high churn rate. The outreach doesn’t have to be too frequent, and it doesn’t even have to relate to business. It’s simply about building a meaningful, authentic relationship. The tips below will help B2B sales reps better anticipate customer needs and more effectively market to them. Read on to learn more.

1. It’s About the Prospect, Not You

You provide solutions to problems your client may not know exist. You can assist customers by educating them regarding issues that may be affecting their organization. You should also educate clients about potential future risks and share ways your solution will help protect them.

Providing valuable information increases your credibility and assists you with building rapport. Both are essential to building lasting profitable relationships in B2B sales. Explaining how your solution will solve known and unknown issues lets customers know that you are truly interested in supporting them.

2. Keep Consistent Contact

Keeping in consistent contact with clients is essential to keeping your customer base. A good B2B sales rep should take excellent notes regarding the best times to communicate. Knowing when to reach out to a client is essential to building strong business connections and retaining customers. Relationship marketers use this technique to keep their client relationships alive, and B2B marketing reps are wise to do the same.

Track calls, making note of when you have the best success reaching your clients. Things like time zone, industry, and job role will play a part in determining the best times to reach each customer.

Calling at the same time/day each time you contact clients also helps build better relationships. You will find that many of the businesses you work with appreciate a scheduled call. Some businesses may be more difficult to reach, but when your clients know you will be calling, they will make sure to answer when they need you.

3. Listen, Listen, Listen

Always listen to your client’s concerns. Ask questions to better understand your client’s needs. Then, point out ways your solution can help solve these issues. Finding solutions for the concerns that are most important to clients instead of throwing your solution at them will help build valuable, healthy client accounts.

Make notes while talking to clients. Write down answers to the questions you ask about their concerns. Use the information you collect to determine ways in which your solution can eliminate each client’s concerns.

To recap, a good B2B sales rep should focus on the prospect, keep in consistent contact, and listen to client needs. Supporting prospects and customers through regular communication and showing them how your solution can solve their problems are essential to your success as a B2B sales rep. Following these tips will help you succeed and provide excellent service to the companies you work with.

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