3 Tips for Accelerating B2B Sales

3 Tips for Accelerating B2B Sales

What tips can be used to accelerate B2B sales?

  1. Cater to the decision-makers in the buying group
  2. Let clients help you
  3. Meet your buyers where it counts

The use of sales enablement tools is a rising trend among many B2B companies, particularly when it concerns accelerating sales. While sales enablement software helps greatly with a company’s processes, B2B sales are still probably one of the toughest jobs your team can have.

The time it takes to close a deal can be very long. Days, weeks, even months go by with constant communication, and yet no deal will be closed. Essentially, the B2B sales process is very slow because of the thought processes, the debating, and the discussions that happen within the buyer group.

Of course, for sellers, a faster B2B process is the ideal situation. The faster the process, the faster you can close deals, and the faster you can move on and find new prospects! Learn how you can hasten your B2B sales process by following these three easy tips!

Cater to the Decision Makers in the Buying Group

According to the March-April 2017 issue of Harvard Business Review Research, the typical buying group has an average of 6.8 people involved — 1.4 more people than three years ago. That means that there are at least 7 different people that share insights and decision-making power in a buyer group. This entails that you win the hearts the majority of them to ensure a smooth transaction.

With that in mind, you still have to tailor your pitch to them individually. You can do this by presenting the correct information to the right person. It can be a relatively difficult thing to do since of course, you can’t necessarily know everything that a person wants. However, you can put in efforts into researching the company and identifying their pain points! The more information you have, the better you can tailor your pitch for them!

One way to accomplish this is to use Consensus’ intelligent demo automation. This system allows you to customize your sales pitch and presentations to each of a committee’s stakeholders. There you can input specific concerns and objectives that align with the decision makers of a buyer group! The Consensus demo automation is a smart way of pitching through video. A viewer can choose what topics they want to learn more about, effectively reducing wasted time on irrelevant information! Remember: personalizing your sales pitch is the best way to let your prospects see how you can help them.

Let Clients Help You

Let Clients Help You

Relying on the Internet for leads is both a great advantage and a possible cause for a downfall. Information is readily available on many websites such as those that focus on reviews and discussions. When it comes to B2B sales, however, nothing beats the old-fashioned ways of attracting prospects—word of mouth and referrals.

It’s no surprise that it will be harder to connect with newer prospects—those that have only recently found out about you, or those that you have just found online. You don’t have that much information about each other, and that can lead to misunderstandings and misalignment of interest.

Your existing clients, however, already know how you work. They know how you can help others as well! A well-satisfied client will share the good news among their industry colleagues. And in time, one of them will eventually contact you with all the good praise in mind!

Of course, direct referrals are much more reliable than just word-of-mouth. The prospects presented to you are directly related to another client of yours. They were probably introduced to your service by them and were hooked right away!

A well-executed referral system can help increase the awareness of your brand through word-of-mouth, leading to more potential prospects and more qualified leads!

Meet Your Buyers Where It Counts

Meet Your Buyers Where It Counts

According to Lewis Miller, CEO of Ovidian, buyers are already 50-60% into their purchasing processes by the time you speak with them. That would mean they have a rough idea of the problems they have and the solutions they’re looking for. You will come in at a time when they think that they have enough information to decide on things.

Your job is to then quickly provide them with accurate information without bringing up data that they already know. A customized sales presentation management system is key to making sure that your target purchasing committee is getting the information they need to make an educated decision.

By providing the right information at the right time, you’ll be able to influence your buyer’s decision-making! Provide them with the information that they are going to need at that point in the sales process. This way, they won’t be bombarded with difficult information. Rather, they’ll absorb what they need to know at a smooth and steady pace!

Key Takeaway

When reaching out to customers, it’s very important effective solutions such as sales enablement tools are used to their fullest potential. Using the Consensus demo automation can provide your company the edge it needs to effectively communicate how your products and services can meet your prospects’ needs! For more information about this kind of sales enablement software, visit our website!

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