3 Ways Digital Demos Can Transform Your Channel Sales

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Working with channel partners can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, they provide you with an easy way to scale your sales organization and drive volume sales of your products. On the other hand, they require so much hand-holding and coddling that keeping them properly enabled becomes an awful chore. 

We believe the answer to the problem is about best practice sharing. As buyer enablement trends grow and people lean more into demonstrations and self-education to make purchasing decisions, resellers need to get their hands on similar content. That’s why we recently announced the launch of our new and improved Channel Accelerator to solve the conundrum of keeping resellers educated, enabled, and productive. 

Here are three ways that digital demo experiences can help you drive channel sales and enhance your reseller relationships.

Digital Demos Improve the Onboarding Experience

You’re not the top priority for your partners. Resellers and distributors work with a number of vendors on different initiatives as they seek to make their business successful and scalable. This doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling down on a myriad of tasks including training courses, product enablement sessions, and partner program maintenance tasks is taxing on partners because their time and resources are both limited. Because your CAMs are not the only ones they deal with, your ability to save resellers time and provide a good experience will set you apart and earn their loyalty faster.

Using interactive video demos helps partners understand expectations and access content they need to be successful. Inside the platform, you create groups and subgroups based on criteria you set (i.e. product or vertical) and assign your resellers to those groups. From there, you assign roles to leaders and users and give them access to the content they need to be successful. Once that is done, your partners can access the tool and begin educating themselves on how to sell your brand in a seamless experience.  

What used to take days to get resellers selling can now be done in a couple of hours. Your CAMs will thank you for the time savings and your resellers will reward you with more sales. 

Partner Enablement Made Easy

One of the biggest challenges CAMs face is the need to constantly enable and educate partners on how to sell their products. Your team spends hours upon hours producing and distributing battle cards, pitch desks, product guides, and other content that is meant to increase sales, but because you’re not on-site with them for every pitch, the messaging loses some of its flavor. Adding interactive video demos to your channel sales process gives resellers access to those same tools and assets they need to close deals and extend your reach without sacrificing your brand’s image, values, or message. 

Using Channel Accelerator as a reseller is simple. When a partner wants to share an interactive demo with a prospect, they choose the demo they want to share from the library you have given them access to. Channel Accelerator then lets them create a custom Demoboard, where the reseller adds their logo and branding (colors, themes, etc.) to give a genuine look and feel that the customer will want to engage with. Then they add their own CTA they wish to associate with their demo to drive their customers to a specific action based on the content or the initiative they are participating in. The result is a better end customer experience, a better partner experience, and an accelerated path to growth for you.

Actionable Analytics & Insights that Refine Channel Sales

Digital demo experiences help your team behind the scenes just as much as they do in daily functional use. As your CAMs and resellers create, share, and track interactive video demos, your leadership team gains a better understanding of how to optimize your channel from rich Demolytics that are shown in the platform. These Demolytics not only show which of your demos are being used most, but they answer key questions your team needs answered like:

  • Which resellers are the most productive?
  • Which sales reps sell your brand best?
  • Who are your resellers selling to?

As you analyze results from reseller efforts, you will gain insights into which markets or demographics your products play in, how your content resonates with different audiences, and what adjustments you need to make in your enablement strategies moving forward. And because the Channel Accelerator lets you break down demos by sales or marketing use cases, you can see where in the pipeline (awareness vs. consideration) your content is most effective. 

Research shows that Presales processes best mimic the way that buyers want to buy. Bringing those best practices into your channel sales organization through the Consensus Channel Accelerator helps you maintain the brand image you have fought hard to establish and give your resellers a new arsenal of assets that maximize their ability to extend your reach and penetrate new markets. 

If you want to know more about Channel Accelerator, contact us here or watch our demo.

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