3 Ways Script Writing Changes the Sales Process



Alright, so I may be slightly biased, but I love scriptwriting. I’ve mentioned in previous posts my background and my love for writing. However, scriptwriting is a very different beast than journalism or even marketing writing. In my time at CONSENSUS™, I have fallen absolutely head over heels for it. It’s entertaining, helps our clients sell more, and creates consistency for your sales team.

1. Scriptwriting helps you be prepared and helps you sell more

Great scripts are those that entertain and educate your audience.

Let’s be honest. I’m sure you’ve practiced your elevator pitch a million times. You do not go into a sales demo cold turkey. You’ve either been doing them for years or you sit down and put together a presentation. Some companies I’ve worked with have even had their sales team draft snappy ideas for selling their product. The point is, you need a game plan. Automated product demos do not replace your sales people, but they can offer a very polished way to present your product without you doing all of the polishing. Either myself or one of our other in-house scriptwriters will write several drafts of a script and send it back and forth with the client. We do this until it is deemed perfect by both parties. So, instead of having to sit down and come up with things to say during sales calls, we do some of the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is send your clients to your automated product demo page, and the demo talks in a polished manner and tracks what the client is most interested in. So, when they are done listening to the automated demo, you can better understand their needs up front. You also don’t have to waste time explaining your product—you let us scriptwriters do it for you, and then you can focus on closing the sale. What’s not to love about that?

2. Scriptwriting “magically” brings your product to life

I am a huge Potterhead – it’s a guilty pleasure of mine. One of my favorite quotes from the Harry Potter book series is when Albus Dumbledore says: “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.” Though we don’t live in a “magical” world like Harry Potter, I think words are the closest thing we have to magic. They have the ability to bring things to life and to convince people to stop and pay attention. That’s where script writing comes in. A well-written script has the power to help people understand how your product works and gets them excited about how your product can help them. The script breathes life into your product—helping your clients understand what your product can do for them.

3. Scripts for automated product demos create consistency for a sales team

Consistency in how a product is sold is one of the biggest challenges for sales. Salespeople may be selling the same product but using their own methods. This can be okay, but it can also lead to alignment confusion for the team. Having a script written by a professional scriptwriter and then proofed by the CEO of your company, your marketing director, and best sales team member, you’re set up to have the most accurate sales pitch. It also gives the sales team a solid foundation to rely on when some of them might end up lost in the weeds. This means that no matter who is selling the product, or where they are in the world, all of your clients will be getting the same great introduction to your product. Which helps you clean up your sales process and guarantee more sales. So, maybe you’re not as head over heels as I am for scriptwriting, but as long as you are fonder of scripts than you were before—that’s music to my ears.

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