3 Ways You Can Use Sales Automation to Convert More Leads

3 Ways You Can Use Sales Automation to Convert More Leads

What are the ways you can utilize sales automation to convert more leads?

  1. Using email as much as possible
  2. Finding out what content you can use again
  3. Implementing effective meeting scheduling

Your sales team works best when they are interacting with their customers face-to-face. Salespeople play a role as well-trained professionals who are handsomely compensated to do one thing for your company – convert as many leads into sales as much as possible. Sales automation is a key part of this process, ensuring that everything goes smoothly for your sales representative.

A large majority of salespeople (80% of them, in fact) believe that the best channel for closing a deal is through the phone where they can sell one-on-one. The problem with this, however, is that scheduling a meeting with a potential client requires a lot of repetitive and tedious work.

Sales automation can be a great help, but it will not necessarily replace your sales team. Instead, it takes care of all the important duties that do not need a human input. This frees up your sales team and lets them have much quality time with their prospects as they need.

Adopting sales automation doesn’t even mean that you need to rethink and re-evaluate your entire sales process. Here are three of the most effective ways you can make use of sales automation in order to improve the ability of your salespeople to convert leads into customers:

Use Email as Much as Possible

Use Email as Much as Possible

Personal interactions are important when closing a sale, but it is quite difficult to measure them accurately. For instance, if your sales representative can make eight sales calls in one hour, another sales rep equipped with sales automation might be able to write and send out up to 200 personalized email campaigns in half the time.

Your prospects aren’t required to communicate with your sales team in real-time if you use email. This means that the time they can save can be then focused on personalizing and creating content. The tedious parts of the sales process such as writing repetitive content and scheduling email deliveries can also be left to the sales automation software.

Here’s a fun fact for you: most of the words you use in an email can be repeated. This means that you can create a template and leave the parts you want personalized as blank. By using a sales automation tool like an email outreach automator, all your sales team has to do is to feed client information into the template in order to create personalized emails. This saves them a lot of time since they won’t have to write a completely new email every time!

Find Out What Content You Can Reuse

As you spend more time interacting with your prospects, you are going to find that certain answers and comments work better than others. You can then load these answers into a sales automation tool like an email accelerator so they can sit in your outbox, giving you a ready-made response that you can send out immediately.

You can even share these prepared responses with the new members of your sales team so that they wouldn’t need rigorous onboarding before they can start answering questions from your leads.

Through sales automation, leads that need more convincing or stop responding entirely are not necessarily lost. Tools like email automators let you set up a schedule of automated emails which you can customize, depending on the specific pain points the client currently has.

Your sales team can then automatically send out a combination of responses that have worked before so that they can keep in contact with their lead without having to take out the time to regularly check up on them.

Effective Meeting Scheduling

Effective Meeting Scheduling

Once your sales representative has done all of the hard work to get a one-on-one meeting with a prospect, the last thing that they need is losing the lead in the time between agreeing to the meet and holding the meeting itself. If you or your sales team isn’t careful, you can still lose your lead even if they have made it clear that they want to meet.

A surprising number of leads are lost in the back-and-forth that follows the agreement to meet. Using a sales automation tool like an automated meeting scheduler allows your prospects to choose the most convenient time for them as well as your salespeople. This way, the back-and-forth conversation is eliminated, drastically reducing the chances of the meeting being broken.

Schedulers and other automation tools like this will not only update your calendar but your lead’s calendar as well. It can even send out a friendly reminder to both parties. It might not seem like a lot, but receiving a reminder makes a big difference.

Key Takeaway

Sales automation is most effective as a way to augment your sales team, giving them more time to speak, interact, and connect with their prospects. Things like doing tedious tasks and scheduling meetings are better done by computers anyway which is why you should opt to automate them instead.

Your salespeople can then shift their focus and give a human touch to more important lead interactions.

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