5 Examples of Amazing Product Demo Videos for Every Type of Product

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Garin Hess

Consensus HQ the marketing team sits snugly (quite snugly) next to the sales floor and needless to say, a majority of my day is spent trying to not eavesdrop on sales calls.  When I’m definitely not eavesdropping, I regularly overhear from prospect calls that, “my product is too complicated for a video demo” or “my product is too expensive for a video demo.” This sentiment is just plain wrong and a little dated (no offense to our leads).  Now I could fill this article by rattling off statistics such as: “65% of executives visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video”* or “80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days”* or “there’s a 40-60% open rate for emails containing personally relevant video”* but that’s boring and I’d much rather look at some specific examples of intriguing video demos for every type of product and price imaginable.

Rust-Oleum: NeverWet


Cost: $20-30

Vivint, a Utah based company, sells home security and automation systems. Their product demos are fantastic because they showcase actual customers using the home systems. This is great for several reasons: it adds social proof, it gives a face to the company’s buyer personas, and it lets customers act as Vivint’s sales team. The demo is a great example of a top of the sales funnel content piece. It educates the customer just enough to let them approach the salesperson with a specific set of questions and concerns. The sales rep is able to handle customers’ needs better and deal with objections in the initial call. Sounds great, right?

Sales Force 1


Cost: $125-$300/user/month

When I think of product demos I usually think of software, SaaS, or PaaS products. This Sales Force 1 demo is a great example of a solid product demo. Each feature clearly states a benefit and the impact of that benefit to a sales rep’s daily routine. The design of the product is sleek and straight forward. The quick swiping and updates shown in the demo convey how easy it is to do all these amazing things with one finger. Salesforce has a great sales engine that works. Hey, we use it here at DemoChimp.

Siemens SGT 750 gas turbine


Cost: In the Millions

While this demo is a little slow to start (it doesn’t really get going until the 2:10 mark) this is a great example of a product demo for a multimillion dollar product. The demo lists an impressive set of features and benefits such as electron beam welded rotors, mineral oil lubricated long-life tilted pad bearings, and 4th generation DLE burners. I feel smarter just repeating those features. The demo fields potential questions and objections from prospects such as legislation with CO emissions, operating in extreme conditions, and ease of repair, and how maintenance contracts look. While I’m certainly not the target market for Siemens, I can see how helpful this video would be for a buying panel. Siemens is using video to give their demo the competitive advantage.

Statkraft Virtual Power Plant


Cost: ???

Norwegian energy company Statkraft released this demo for its virtual power plant system in Germany. The cost is unknown but to give a sense of scale, Statkraft recently reported net profit of 2.8 billion NOK (about 464 million USD.) While the system is one of a kind in the world, I was impressed to find a product demo for the nationwide power system. The video offers the highest level overview of the system benefits and even adds a small explanation of how it works. I’m no expert on energy production, but I feel I could easily explain this system to an outsider. I can’t even imagine the complexity or length of this sale.

Still not convinced?  Maybe those statistics I said I wouldn’t mention will change your mind. The next question is how can video be used to automate our product demos?