5 Reasons Why There’s No Better Time to Be in Sales


Sales is an interesting thing. You don’t have to go to college to be in sales. Actually, there are very few classes on sales at any university. A good salesperson can be a natural, and come in on day 1 and outperform others who aren’t made for it. It’s a pretty fun profession. You get to be part of a true team day in and day out. And compete for actual dollars. Nothing affects the success of a business like the salespeople.

Here are a few reasons why now is the time to capitalize on the emergence of sales.

1. Technology

Data is cheaper and more accessible than ever before and developers are finally building for salespeople. While technology may eventually replace some jobs in sales, it will weed out the busy work and make the best salespeople even better. Social media is one heckuva tool for finding out information about your prospects and is being used by some of the top pros in the business. The tech allows us to be more creative and resourceful to close more deals, faster. Tools like SalesLoft, Accelerate,Consensus, LevelEleven and my own startup QuotaDeck are changing the sales industry through technology.

2. The Market

It goes without saying, the market is incredibly hot right now. Especially in B2B SaaS Sales. There’s never been a better environment for startups. Businesses helping businesses and making lives easier are getting funding left and right. Large organizations from the Fortune 500 have stock prices at all time highs and are spending like it. This means they have budget.

3. The History

We are in the Sales Automation era akin to the Marketing Automation era. The Marketing Automation era saw numerous IPOs and massive acquisitions in the hundreds of millions to billions. On top of that, the sales market is bigger than the marketing one. Just look at the major players in the space. In Marketing you have Hubspot and Marketo. Their combined valuation is around $2.5 billion. The market cap of the biggest sales company is around $35 billion in Salesforce. I’d say the majority of that is for their Sales Cloud, but even if we’re being conservative, if only 50% is from the Sales Cloud, it’s still a $17.5 billion dollar organization. That’s easily 10x the biggest Marketing Automation company.

4. The Compensation

You can make a lot of money in sales right now. There are plenty of well-funded companies looking to hire for sales of all levels. In many cases, you can get a position at a company in which you have no territories. It’s blue ocean for you as a sales rep. That’s an incredible opportunity to build pipeline and work through as many deals as possible. As long as you can stay organized, work hard, and have a good/competitive product, you should make a lot of money in sales.

Companies are also offering stock, so you have a piece of the prize should the company succeed.

5. The Fun

Sales is a ton of fun. Working with a team, company, and boss that cares about your success. The earlier you get in, the more fun it can be as you help shape the company. Sales is a human to human role, and one of the few where you get to work with people outside of your company day in and day out. Sales is a job in which you create lasting connections and learn a ton along the way.

As sales technology evolves, so do the communities and resources available to salespeople. The Sales Stack conference in San Francisco on November 10th is a great example. Sales Hacker is bringing 1,000 sales professionals, more than 60 sales tech vendors and 40 speakers together around a common goal: improving sales efficiency and increasing revenue through the use of technology.

Whether you’re new to sales or 30 years into your career, find a way to attend conferences and networking events. Soak up as much information as you can about trending sales processes and apps, and focus on making genuine human connections. If you can’t afford the ticket prices, volunteers are needed and appreciated at most events.

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