A Look Into the Future of Sales — Account Based Sales Development


Written by Jake Reni, Sr. Director of Sales at Consensus, @jakereni. This excerpt on Account Based Sales Development was taken from a post originally featured on The Creative Agency.

B2B Sellers are ever more keen to the complexity of today’s buyer journey. Sure we need to be multithreading our deals. But we also need to be building consensus as early as possible to prevent group purchasing dysfunction. You know. The thing that happens when you lose a deal not because of price. Or to a competitor. But to the painful “no decision.”

Modern sales organizations that have an Account Based Sales Development approach enable sellers to focus on strategically placing themselves in front of decision makers. And to identify buying groups at earlier stages in the buying journey. The key here is to position yourself to lead the education of the buying group while navigating them through the early phases of “problem definition” and “solution identification” as defined by CEB. This is truly a magical moment. Trust me. You will know when you have arrived.

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