Are You Ready For DEMOFEST 2022?

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Be a Part of the Premiere Presales Industry Event Happening May 18-19

The 3rd annual DEMOFEST 2022 virtual event registration is now open! 

Consensus is presenting the premiere Presales event May 18-19, delivering all sessions live and without cost to attendees. 

There’s also an additional day exclusively for Consensus users and customers, happening May 17th, that’ll give an in-depth look at best practices and tactical training for our platform.

Want to join the party? Contact your CSM for your registration link to get the inside scoop.

Why is DEMOFEST so valuable?

DEMOFEST is the first, and biggest, Presales focused thought leadership conference globally. With all sessions presented live, you will have direct real-time access to top Industry Leaders from around the world.

As Todd Janzen puts it, “DEMOFEST is the de facto conference for Presales. From thought leadership to best practices, this is where it happens.” 

What you’ll get from DEMOFEST 2022?

Get focused sessions from the industry’s thought leaders covering a plethora of topics including:


Is DEMOFEST for You?

If your role is defined as Solution Consulting, Sales Engineering, Presales, or anything similar, whether leadership or not, this event is for you. 

“Our mission with DEMOFEST is to provide teams with the best Presales insights anywhere in tech, along with actionable strategies they can use right now to elevate the function,” said Consensus founder and CEO, Garin Hess. “Presales is now in demand across the customer lifecycle. Unfortunately, too many organizations underinvest in arguably their most valuable resources. I want everyone who attends DEMOFEST to walk away having specific things they can start doing to scale.”

Still Not Convinced?

DEMOFEST 2022 will include case studies from customers who’ve used these strategies within their own teams, but will cover a wide variety of topics from hiring, aligning to other revenue teams, retention, of course demo-ing, and so much more. 

DEMOFEST is a truly amazing event. A must-attend for every SE. You get to learn from the best of the best in the space of two days. Last year I personally walked away with over a dozen great new ideas!” John Care of Managing Director Mastering Technical Sales.

About Consensus

Consensus, the Intelligent Demo Automation Platform, scales presales instantly with interactive video demos. Presales and technical sales teams automate repetitive product demos which allows them to reallocate that time to higher value activities. Buyers get a better experience— one that guides them with digital, interactive and on-demand video demos. This uncovers stakeholders automatically and eliminates unqualified demos, which in turn dramatically shortens sales cycles by 29% up to 68% and improves close rates by up to 44%. Market leaders like Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Autodesk, Sage, Trintech, Coupa and many others trust Consensus to scale. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

Consensus is Intelligent Demo Automation that scales your presales function.