Automated Product Demos Can Free Up Time for Your Sales Force. What Are the Best Ways to Put This Time to Use?

Automated product demos can free up time for your sales force. What are the best ways to put this time to use?

If you’re not using automated product demos, you’re straining your sales force in unnecessary ways. Automated demos will do the heavy lifting for you, and if designed right, they can often do it more effectively than a person can, creating a more customized, intuitive approach that provides you with priceless analytics. In the process, they’ll give time back to your sales force that can be used in valuable ways. Read on to hear how professionals are putting this extra time to use.

Raymond Weitekamp

Raymond Weitekamp

Raymond Weitekamp, Founder, and CEO of polySpectra.

Team Building

What I like to do with my freed-up time is to speak with my team. I like to see and hear where we are at and where we are heading. Having this extra time to check in helps me stay connected with my team and creates a healthy relationship. Gathering their opinions helps them feel engaged with the business and allows me to share the success.

I could use the time elsewhere; however, I feel that giving people the time to process what’s happening now enables them to have a clearer vision of what’s to come and what is expected in the future. Since the pandemic, I feel we need more certainty to help us come to terms with what we have all experienced over the last two years.

Sean Nguyen

Sean Nguyen

Sean Nguyen, Director of Internet Advisor.

Improved Personalization

One way that you can reallocate salespeople’s free time as a result of automated product demos is by putting a bigger focus on personalization. Personalization is becoming a driving factor of conversions, meaning putting a bigger focus on it can help your sales team to bring in more clients.

When you automate product demos, you give your sales team more time to dive into each potential client and focus on how your product will benefit them on that individual level. When the time comes to present more advanced aspects of your product and its benefits, your sales team will have a fully customized approach that’ll be much more appealing to your prospective clients.

Garrett Hayes

Garrett Hayes

Garrett Hayes, Founder of

Passion Projects

Automated products can free up time – even a 5-minute gap can be more valuable than you can imagine! Within my company, employees love to utilize their freed-up time to pursue passion projects which can aid the business.

An example of this would be if you are a marketing consultant but have a love for graphic design. Taking the time to innovate and create a project utilizing your skills is a true expansion of the employee’s and business’ abilities. It can lead to increased productivity and a happier workspace.

Ray Blakney

Ray Blakney

Ray Blakney is the CEO and co-founder of Live Lingua.

Expand Your Sales Outreach

The time freed up from automated product demos can be put towards more sales outreach, which will help the company continue growing. Rather than having to waste time on demonstrating how products work to customers, salespeople will be able to put this time towards reaching out to even more potential customers to secure their business. This can help grow profits and expand the business as a whole.

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