Become a Skilled Change Expert (or Sink Like a Stone)


“Come gather ’round Sales, bob dylan times they are a-changin

Wherever you roam

And admit that the buying groups

Around you have grown …”

Forgive our horrible paraphrase of Bob Dylan. But not only are buying groups getting bigger, they’re more spread out geographically and departmentally. As buyers are able to do more research without your help, they’re reaching out to you later in the buying process. These are challenges that sales organizations of even 10 years ago didn’t have to worry about. You see where this is leading.

If sales teams are going to keep up with these changes—at the speed at which they’re happening—they’re going to have to become experts of change.

In a recent InsideSales post, “5 Principles for Becoming a Leader of Change in Your Sales Organization,” Jonathan Lautaha wrote:

“More than ever, sales organizations need to find ways to keep up with accelerating technological change, hyper-informed customers, and intensifying B2B competition.”

Lautaha enumerates the ways in which managers can lead change within their organizations. And what about in their interactions with buyers? After all, what is a sale but the management of change in the buyers’ organization? But there’s another wrinkle.

Currently, salespeople can’t rely only on their own ability to foster change in the buyer’s organization. There are simply too many people to influence. Salespeople need to know how to coach their mobilizers within those organizations to create change.

In this way, salespeople must become the ultimate change experts, affecting changing within their own organizations—and then teaching their mobilizers to do the same. This is the future of closing deals.

Being a change expert requires the right tools and tech. To see how Consensus helps mobilizers affect change in their organizations and drive consensus, visit our Resources page or click on the orange “Watch Demo” below.

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