Does All Content Build Trust and Bring Stakeholders Together?


Salespeople are encouraged strongly and often to share content with their prospects. In fact, content is often the most-discussed weapon in Sales and Marketing’s arsenal. More content. Better content. Content delivered faster.Push play on video demo content (1)

This new mania around content is reflected in these numbers from the Content Marketing Institute’s new study:

  • On average, 28% of total B2B marketing budgets now go to content
  • In the most effective B2B organizations, 42% goes to content

These numbers are up dramatically from even a few years ago. Yes, content is the belle of the ball, for both Sales and Marketing.

In her recent post, “4 Ways Sales Can Use Content in Their Social Selling,” Shelley Cernel at Knowledge Tree reflected this new enthusiasm, promoting content’s ability to build trust with sales-weary prospects:

“One of the fastest ways to create this trust is by focusing on helping prospects rather than on making a sale… Additionally, research shows that the more trusted an individual is, the greater their sales effectiveness, enabling them to successfully advance deals.”

Cernel goes on to recommend longer-form content like ebooks and whitepapers. Which is fine. But …

We all know, thanks to CEB, that buying groups are getting larger, more diverse, and harder to rein in. We also know that internal mobilizers want Sales’ help in bringing so many stakeholders together to come to an agreement on a purchase. If this is a key pain point for prospects, how can content bring a diverse group of stakeholders together?

How can content address both the individual agendas of each stakeholder while highlighting shared interests they can all rally around? How can content traverse the organizational and geographic boundaries that now isolate buying group members from one another?

One answer is that content needs to evolve. Ebooks, SlideShare, and whitepapers are, by their very nature, static. It’s not hard to imagine more interactive media, like personalized video demos, being up to the challenge of delivering experiences to buyers. And doing this while simultaneously connecting stakeholders together.

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