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WordStream defines explainer videos as, “short online videos used to explain your company’s product or service”. Their purpose is to educate your audience on what you’re offering in a short and sweet manner. An explainer video is less lengthy and in-depth than a product demo, but more thorough than a promo video. A reported 76% of marketers plan to increase their use of YouTube and video marketing by creating more explainer videos. But this article breaks down the problems with explainer videos and why CONSENSUS™ is the smarter decision.

Explainer Videos are Good for Educating Prospects About Your Product


  • Near impossible to measure their success: If you use YouTube to host your videos, you have access to YouTube Analytics, which gives you some insight into how your videos are performing. But this only provides general overviews about the performance of your videos.

  • Too short to reach all prospects: Explainer videos are typically shorter than 4-5 minutes for the sole purpose of not losing their prospects’ interest. The problem is, you only have 4-5 minutes to hope you hit every pain point or piece of information that could possibly connect with any of your viewers. How do you make a personalized video that is guaranteed to resonate with each viewer, while still keeping it under 4-5 minutes?

  • Requires constant updating: If you’re adding a new product or feature to your already-existing product or service that you want to mention in your video, that means re-making the whole video. It’s important to keep your video up-to-date and matching what your company currently offers, but it also takes a lot of time and effort to create a new one.


Explainer videos are much less effective at selling compared to intelligently automated product demos.

Think of CONSENSUS as the beefed-up version of an explainer video. It’s intelligent demo automation that essentially brings customizable, interactive and metric-driven demo videos to the table. The benefits of CONSENSUS include:

  • Personalized video experiences: CONSENSUS demo videos are comprised of multiple video sections, each focusing on a benefit that your product provides. After viewers watch your thirty-second intro (your value proposition), they select which benefits are most and least important to them. This way, they’re choosing which video sections they want to see and not wasting their time on things they don’t care about – guaranteeing an engaged viewer.

  • Back-end analytics to measure its success: You can send a unique link to each viewer of your demo, allowing you to see what benefits they selected as important, how much of each video section they watched, and who they shared the video with. Instead of spending time customizing a demo for them, you simply send a demo and follow-up with them the moment you’re notified that they have watched the demo (CONSENSUS emails you right when they open it.)

  • Reaches all prospects in a matter of minutes: Since viewers have the power to choose what benefits they want to learn more about, they get a demo that relates specifically with their needs. Each benefit video is no more than 2 minutes long, so you’re still keeping videos short. Viewers take the guess work out of it for you by customizing their own demo experience.

  • Requires minimal maintenance: If you’re adding a new product or feature to your already-existing product or service that you want to mention in your video, that means just adding a new section of video! Don’t stress about the hassle of producing a new one, simply reach out to the CONSENSUS team and we’ll put together the new piece in a matter of days.


This article explains the difference between creating and publishing explainer videos to give prospects a quick overview of what a product does and using the CONSENSUS intelligently automated product demo platform to sell more efficiently.
Be sure to watch our product demo to see more details about how CONSENSUS can drastically improve your sales and marketing efforts.
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