How Sales Enablement Tools Improve the Productivity of Your Team

How Sales Enablement Tools Improve the Productivity of Your Team

How can sales enablement tools improve the productivity of your team?

  1. Streamlining lead qualification
  2. Widening the reach of your analytics
  3. Allowing you to see the big picture
  4. Personalizing your communications
  5. Improving your content creation

The marketplace of today has changed dramatically; no longer will the interruptive marketing and sales tactics of old work anymore. If you want to stay profitable and relevant, as well as really see a significant ROI on your sales and marketing efforts in the market today, you need to introduce inbound marketing as well sales enablement tools in your organization.

The newer millennial generation simply isn’t receptive to marketing and sales strategies such as cold calling, radio and television commercials, mailed brochures, and door-to-door sales. Because the internet has greatly affected the way consumers purchase, this means that your sales team also need to adapt their selling techniques to appeal to the modern buyer. This time, buyers are now in control, not salespeople.

It might be time for your sales team to take advantage of inbound marketing and sales – here’s how sales enablement tools can improve the productivity of your team:

Streamlines Lead Qualification

Lead qualification can be quite easy; no one is probably going to argue against that. But with sales enablement tools, you can actually take some of the guesswork out of this process.

If the lead qualification process in your company is still done manually, you are requiring your sales representatives to process and analyze a whole mess of various data which usually come from widely different sources. They are then asked to make a judgment accordingly, but all it takes is a small mistake to cause them to make a bad decision.

Using sales enablement, however, gives you access to multiple, simple, automated lead scoring strategies that can help clarify the process for your sales team. Companies with a more comprehensive lead nurturing initiative generate 50 percent more high-quality leads. But once you realize you can do the same for just two-thirds of the cost, then it becomes apparent that you can’t afford to not use sales enablement tools.

Widens the Reach of Your Analytics

Widens the Reach of Your Analytics

The greater number of parts in your sales process you can analyze in detail, the better your sales operation will be. When it comes to B2B sales, useful data is now more important than ever before. This means that many companies are collecting and storing even more of it.

But without the help of sales enablement tools, attempting to analyze all of the data you need to succeed in this competitive market becomes a challenging affair which can only result in wasted manpower.

Through sales enablement, you can widen the reach of your analytics and take your productivity to new levels. In fact, companies who use sales enablement have demonstrated that they can reach their team quotas four times faster than others.

Letting You See the Big Picture

Nothing hinders the team quite like bottlenecks in the sales pipeline. Because of it, they are often left in shambles trying to find enough high-quality leads just to have a chance at hitting their quotas.

Luckily, the aid of sales enablement tools allows you to see how your sales efforts work in its entirety. You will then be able to use other tools to analyze and spot any trends in order to detect any potential bottlenecks before they even have the opportunity to cause damage.

Small inefficiencies because they can have a rippling effect across your entire sales unit, so find every possible opportunity to snuff them out.

Personalize Your Communications

Personalize Your Communications

The truth is, not all forms of communication with your clients are made equal. While there is absolutely no risk if you rely completely on automation to create and deliver a message in some cases, other cases require you to have an intimate knowledge and a relationship history that only a salesperson can have.

With the help of sales enablement tools, it falls on you to eliminate the distractions of the former in order to enhance the service of the latter. In other words, you should be able to use sales enablement tools to expertly customize your customer email tactics so that your talented sales team can spend more time nurturing the relationships they already have during the times when they can add the most value.

Improves Content Creation

Ineffective content can actually be more damaging than you think because it fails to add value to the life of your prospects, wastes your own valuable resources, and dilutes the authority of your brand.

By using sales enablement tools, your sales team gets the help that they need to create more optimized content for your buyers in a much shorter time frame.

Key Takeaway

You need to involve your sales team right from the start if you want your inbound marketing strategy to be successful. And in order to augment the results of your inbound efforts and help facilitate this transition, you need to invest in ongoing inbound sales training, sales enablement tools, and coaching for your sales team.

The lives of your sales team will be much, much easier once they understand and embrace the importance of sales enablement tools. And as a result, you are right on track to see a better return on your investment.

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