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Sales Acceleration + Buying Acceleration = B2B magic. That’s what happens when you combine with CONSENSUS™.

It started with a revolution. A movement. A new methodology. proved that we could move past expensive, time-consuming, in-person, relationship-based field sales and leverage technology to build highly efficient and predictable inside sales teams.

It’s exciting to see B2B sales acceleration continue to evolve.

For sales acceleration technology creators and early adopters,’s principles and processes are now gospel, and we can focus on new challenges we didn’t even know we had before. It’s like digging a water well and realizing you need a pump system to get the water out of the ground without having to haul it manually in a bucket. built businesses with modern plumbing when the sales industry was still digging wells.

Enter CONSENSUS. Enter BUYING Acceleration.

CONSENSUS is obsessed with making it easy for your prospects to quickly make confident purchasing decisions. We accelerate B2B buying consensus by focusing on the science and psychology of group buying and decision making — the biggest blind spot in B2B sales today.

When individuals, who each have their own unique motivations and interests, work together to make decisions, group dysfunction rears its ugly head. This dysfunction drives down close rates and stretches out sales cycles — and most sales execs don’t know it’s happening because, until now, there hasn’t been a way for them to measure it.

sales, sales cycle, buying panel, decision making, graph, chart, sales graph, purchase intent, decision maker, b2b salesBut group buying dysfunction is real, and it’s wrecking your close rate and sales cycle. Based on the research graph below, the likelihood of a company making a purchasing decision drops from 81% to 31% when 5 people are involved in a purchase decision — and, on average, 5.4 stakeholders are involved in making most B2B purchasing decisions.

So, as continues to blaze new trails as the sales acceleration leader, CONSENSUS is blazing new paths for buying acceleration. The combination of the two can help you crush your 2015 revenue targets.

Sales Acceleration + Buying Acceleration = B2B magic.