Is Real-time Sales Content Delivery Even Possible?

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Garin Hess

Yes. But let’s back up a minute and look at the challenges.We all talk about the ‘right content, right audience, right time’, but we must effectively prioritize what content requires real-time delivery

The pressure is on when it comes to content used in the sales process. A zip file of brochures, ebooks, and pitch decks just doesn’t cut it anymore. With more buying group members to appeal to, you need content built for each stakeholder. These could be the executive sponsor, a marketing or IT director, or the manager who found your solution in the first place.


Then you need to ensure that marketing has created content that speaks to each stakeholder at each different stage of the buying process. That’s never easy, if it’s done at all.

Then, to top it off, the impetus is on both Sales and Marketing to ensure that each piece is delivered to the right stakeholders at the right time. As if just getting prospects to open an email you send isn’t hard enough.

This last point might just present the biggest challenge. After all, you can issue a decree to your content team to build a library of content for every persona on your radar, each intended to be delivered to a specific persona at each stage of the buying process. But how do you nail its delivery when the methods are often so unpredictable and unreliable?

In her recent post, “Selling Soft Drinks or Software: Common Marketing Lessons,” Phyllis Davidson highlighted this problem when she said:

“The definition of ‘timeliness’ keeps changing, driven by technology that has dramatically upended our expectations. But it’s unrealistic to do everything in real time, including content delivery. We all talk about the ‘right content, right audience, right time’, but we must effectively prioritize what content requires real-time delivery for what audience, and all the paths for that delivery.”

It’s that “real-time delivery” part that’s the real kicker. If you can’t be sure if or when they will open that PDF or click on that link, how can you ever ensure real-time sales content delivery? Or to put it another way, how can you make sure they are seeing the right content right when they’re ready to see it?

What if we let the buying group tell us what content they want to consume next and when? Wouldn’t this self-selection make it real time for them if they pick the what and when of engagement?

At Consensus, we’re fans of self-selection. Instead of trying to anticipate what stakeholders want, Sales and Marketing could simply serve up video content and related documents to them. Then, through an interface, they choose what they want to learn about according to the features/benefits/challenges that are the most relevant to them. Would that not be real-time sales content delivery in its purest form?

This concept is not out of reach. Learn how Consensus lets each stakeholder consume the content that matters most to them in real time by clicking on the orange “Watch Demo” button below.

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