It’s Not All About the C-Suite: Why SDRs Should Prospect Multiple Levels Within An Organization

Portrait of a businessman with his assistant trailing behind him

“Anyone working in client-based outsourced lead gen knows this conversation all too well:

Vendor: Can you give me an idea of what profile you are looking for in regards to contact data procurement? Client: We ONLY want to talk to folks in the C-level suite, from companies with over 500 million in annual revenue. We do not want our reps taking calls with anyone with a lower title, especially since they are most likely not the decision maker.”

And yet, according to QuotaFactory, “Of all the leads our SDRs passed in 2014 that have gone to a next step in our client’s sales process, less than 10% had titles in the C-Suite.” Some of the most productive conversations I’ve ever had with prospects come from lower level roles. More often than not, they are the ones who will be directly using our product the most, so their interest is there, and their time is typically more flexible than a higher level exec’s.

Read the full article from Kim Staib at QuotaFactory: Click here.

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