Jump Revenue Per Rep 233% in 30 Days

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Garin Hess


Learn how to drive extreme sales velocity with the hottest new sales tech. Learn how to have 50 conversations on average and deliver 200+ demos per day PER REP. It’s a tested and proven Iron Man suit for sales professionals — and the best companies are using it.


  • Make 1,200 dials per rep per day
  • Deliver 200+ personalized demos per rep per day
  • Get 61% of demo viewers to share your demo with 2 other stakeholders
  • Drive consensus for 44% higher close rates
  • Educate every stake holder so your buyer makes 68% faster purchase decisions

Join DemoChimp’s Co-founder and CSO, Matt Behrend, and Chad Burmeister, VP of Sales and Marketing at ConnectAndSell, for a webinar on how to accelerate your sales.