Key Performance Indicators of Successful Scaling

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Whatever scaling strategies your organization has implemented have to be tracked to ensure they’re working. There are some key performance indicators (KPIs) to verify the strategies you’re implementing are meeting the increased demand with existing resources.
  • The average number of demo requests (for any of the six types) per sales rep. Are the requests per sales rep increasing or decreasing? Are you getting fewer requests per rep, meaning questions and issues are being handled in other ways?
  • The percentage of time SCs spend on key activities. We recommend that once each month, the team does a self-analysis in a survey. Are key activities increasing? Do they have more time to spend on them?
  • The AE:SE ratio (should be increasing). This ratio should actually be increasing because if you’re truly scaling, the team can handle more demand per SE. This KPI does not help us in isolation, but in conjunction with other KPIs, it can be very helpful.
  • The number of video demo views. If you are using interactive video demos, this number becomes a helpful metric.
  • The video demo view time. Theoretically, every demo video view is one demo that a sales engineer didn’t have to do. Also, look at the amount of demo view time. Some of our customers look at this as a direct time saving KPI.
  • The number of stakeholders discovered through a video demo. This tunes you into the stakeholders discovered organically as people share your video demos with other colleagues in the target organization. Make sure to use software that can track what video demos are being shared with whom.
  • The number of video demos sent by AEs or BDRs. This also helps you track the reach of the demos and the engagement of the AEs and BDRs. Just make sure to check the view rate, too. It won’t do much good if video demos are shared but not watched.
  • The number of live vision or micro demos done by AEs or BDRs. This metric will help you see how many of these demos are delegated and delivered by AEs and BDRs.
  • The number of participants attending webinar demos. Along with this measurement, you should also track attendees’ total viewing times.
Combine these metrics, and you’ll get a comprehensive view of how much of a productivity increase you are getting through your scaling strategy.


Implementing strategies to scale presales achieves exponential output with existing resources. First, analyze the “increasing demand” gap. Then, identify which activities could be candidates for elimination, automation, or delegation by conducting the “key activity” gap analysis. What do you want to eliminate? The under-qualified demos through better qualification and implementation of the DQL (Demo Qualified Lead) lead qualification stage. What do you want to automate? You will want to automate all repetitive demos that can be handled by automation technology. What types of demos are good for automating? The vision, micro, qualifying “standard” demos as well as FAQ and closing demos are all great candidates for automation. Essentially, all the demo types except the deeply technical custom demos could be automated. What do you want to delegate? Delegate vision and micro demos to AEs and BDRs if possible. The last principle is the principle of tradeoffs. What are we saying no to? We are really saying no to doing all demos with live SEs. But one of the things that we’re saying yes to is a better client experience that they get to experience more quickly. Additionally, sales teams also get what they need more quickly. We’re also saying yes to efficient use of resources, better margins, and sales engineers who are doing more of what they love to do and are uniquely qualified to do, which results in less burnout. If you are ready to scale your presales but need help doing it, let our Consensus team help you. Consensus is an unmatched leader in demo automation software. We make it easy for you to create, send, and track interactive demos for your sales team to send out on-demand. Consensus automatically personalizes the experience and tracks engagement, bringing prospects to live demos better educated and ready to talk specifics.
Consensus is Intelligent Demo Automation that scales your presales function.
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