Make Your Sales Prospecting More Effective with Targeted Demo Videos

John Cook Director of Demand Gen | Consensus
John Cook

How can video improve your sales prospecting?

  1. Three dynamics that fuel the use of video prospecting
  2. Video makes sales and marketing easier
  3. Your go-to demo automation platform

According to Brian Halligan, CEO of HubSpot, “Increases in mobile usage have fueled much of [the] growth in video popularity. For content marketers, the takeaway here is simple: You may want to stop looking for that next blogger, and start looking for a video producer.” There’s no doubt that sales enablement tools, particularly video usage in B2B sales are on a sharp upswing. With 73 percent of business-to-business marketers saying that video positively impacts marketing return on investment (ROI), it is time for you to start making your marketing more effective with the power of video.

Three Dynamics That Fuel the Use of Video Prospecting

Three Dynamics That Fuel the Use of Video Prospecting

  • People want video. Humans are visual creatures. According to a study by Microsoft, the average human being has an attention span of about 8 seconds. This amount of time will not be enough for even a short read through. Videos, however, have the capability to entice people in such a short time span. Videos are far more engaging and interesting than a dry white paper or a marketing document attached to your prospecting email.
  • Video works. Even just including the word “video” in an email subject line has been proven to drastically increase the performance of your emails; in fact, open rates soar by up to 13 percent. What’s more is that email’s conversion rate improves by an average of 21 percent when you embed a video vis-à-vis using a static image.
  • Video is inexpensive and easy to produce. You have the power to ideate, record, edit and finalize your video in only a few minutes. With the help of a few optional add-ons — an external mic, external lens, a tripod or a stabilizer — you can achieve seamless, highest-quality results even with your iPhone or Android. A professional-looking, appealing video can provide your company with valuable credibility. Keep in mind that you should treat videos as any other B2B sales software—easy, efficient, and scalable!

Video Makes Sales and Marketing Easier

Video Makes Sales and Marketing Easier

So what’s the best way to get started with using video in your prospecting work and getting the maximum impact? We have found that an impressive format that gets results is to create a “choose your own adventure” experience. The advantages of this approach include that it effectively:

  • Customizes the message — It’s crucial that you do your due diligence about your prospect so your information is personal — and thus extremely relevant — to the potential customer. With Consensus’ Enterprise software platform, you can automatically track and analyze a whole host of prospect information so that each and every video is personalized and tailored to that individual. This customization centers the video’s storyline around the prospect. It will speak to the prospect’s role in the company, their pain points or goals.
  • Simplifies collateral. If you can gather significant and relevant data about your prospect, you’ll know exactly what information that person is interested in. This avoids you sending them irrelevant or too much information.
  • Increase shares. We are all self-promoters at heart! If your video is personalized to your prospect, they will be far more likely to share it with colleagues.

Okay, so now we all agree that video is the way to maximize sales prospecting success, and a personalized storytelling video is a fantastic place to start. To distribute those videos, we recommend ultra-targeted emails.

Your Go-To Demo Automation Platform

The Consensus Enterprise is interactive and analytic. It personalizes each video and any documents that are included that are highly relevant to your prospect. You can then use it to create video demos that are well-rounded at the start and slowly focuses on the subject matter as the prospect chooses what they want to center on.

Included in the Consensus Enterprise is an incredibly powerful collection of analysis tools. You can gather a tremendous amount of valuable information with our system, including:

  • What videos were viewed
  • When videos were viewed
  • How many of times they were viewed
  • The length of time your prospect spent watching the video
  • Where the prospect stopped and rewound the video
  • Which interactive features induced reactions by the prospect
  • The number of times the video was shared

With in-depth data such as this, sales reps can gauge prospects’ interest level, the features that they liked the most, and more. They can then use the information to prioritize prospects and decide which merit more immediate attention and what to focus on during follow-ups.

Key Takeaway

Video has stood out as one of the most effective sales enablement tools in recent times. It is versatile and customizable, making it the best option for almost every demographic. Video as a type of content is in-demand. It performs better than your written content because it’s more engaging and it’s easier to tailor to specific prospects. You won’t need a number of B2B sales software to drastically improve your numbers, sometimes all you need is the right form of content for the right clients—and that is something that video, in itself, can bring.