Monitoring Metrics to Analyze B2B Sales Video Effectiveness

Monitoring Metrics to Analyze B2B Sales Video Effectiveness

What should you keep in mind when monitoring metrics for your B2B sales video?

  1. Important metrics to take note of
  2. The importance of keeping track of metrics
  3. What consensus can offer you

You’re thrilledyou have a compelling, engrossing, and aesthetically superior video that is sure to elevate your business-to-business marketing game and captivate your prospects. Before you consider presenting it to your leads, you’ll want to create and implement a strategy for gauging how effective your sales video is by using a variety of sales enablement tools.

As Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator, cleverly notes: “What is measured, improves.” In other words, you can also aim to improve on your initial efforts by gathering data on its effectiveness! He also pointed out the cautionary saying, “Be careful what you measure” because you have to take note that not everything that can be measured is important and accurate enough to use as data.

Important Metrics to Take Note Of

Important Metrics to Take Note Of

With the help of sales enablement software, you’ll be able to view certain metrics for your videos. Here are some of the most commonly used metrics to determine B2B sales video effectiveness:

  • View count. This tells you how many people are watching your video and for how long. For example, on Twitter, a video must be watched for a minimum of three seconds to count as a view while on YouTube, the number is around 30 seconds.
  • Live viewers. This tracks the number of viewers at each stage of the live broadcast or, for YouTube, the total number of viewers who watched the video live.
  • Watch time and average view. This is the total combined time that your viewers spend watching your video. On Facebook, this is called minutes viewed. Similarly, the average view shows the amount of time an average viewer spends watching your video, calculated by total watch time divided by the total number of video plays.
  • Audience retention. This shows you at what point your viewers leave your video. If you notice one point at which users drop precipitously, you’ll know that you need to rectify something at that specific point in the video.
  • Engagement. Likes and comments for your video show engagement. Social sharing is even better because it indicates engagement and extends your video’s reach. Engagement can also translate into higher view counts and reach, enhanced watch time and average view.
  • Impressions and reach. The number of times your video is broadcast equates to impressions, regardless of whether it was clicked, and the number of people who see the content is the video’s reach.
  • Click-through rate (CTR). CTR shows you the number of times viewers clicked on your video ad to get to another destination that you’re promoting, such as your website. It is calculated by the number of clicks that your video receives divided by the number of times that your ad is shown.
  • Feedback. If your video is causing viewers to unlike your page, hide the video or even reporting it as inappropriate, your video is not only not helping your sales effort but actually actively hurting it.
  • Demographics. The kind of device that potential customers are using, along with the location in which they viewed the video can provide more information about them.

The Importance of Keeping Track of Metrics

The Importance of Keeping Track of Metrics

These metrics are almost always utilized by every company that makes use of video in their sales and marketing strategies, all of which are important in their own way. Keeping watch of each metric can bring about a lot of information that will help improve your video automation. That being said, there are three particular reasons why metrics are important to watch and take note of:

  • Lead Scoring. Keeping track of metrics will contribute greatly in determining whether a lead is worthy of further efforts. Metrics would usually show how interested a company is or their position in their buying cycle, which are very important for sales teams to know and create strategies on.
  • Real-time follow up automation. With the help of specific metrics, follow-ups can be instantly sent to those who are watching, be it through clicking on the CTA or reaching a certain point of the video!
  • Video campaign revision and/or optimization. Again, metrics will bring about information that will be used to further improve your sales and marketing efforts. Feedback about the video as well as impressions of potential leads can be used as a reference to make your video even better!

What Consensus Has to Offer

If you’re hoping to streamline the process of analyzing your digital sales strategy, the CONSENSUS tools show you exactly how your product demo video was receivedwhat did a viewer like and respond to, which features are most important to them and what objections there were. You also receive Demolytics that give you in-depth insight into audience responses. Here are some metrics that only Consensus can offer:

  • How are sales reps using automation? This insight can help manage and improve the sales force.
  • How is the market responding to your specific value propositions? This insight enables you to adjust and tweak your digital messaging approach.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you see the multitude of video analytics that is available. While all the metrics shown above are important, the ones that truly matter are the ones that matter the most to you and that are most helpful to you as you work to grow your business.

Key Takeaway

In B2B sales and marketing, particularly for video marketing, sales enablement tools are used to keep track of their overall effectiveness. These sales enablement software is significant for the growth of both the campaign and the sales team as long as it is used properly. Learn which metrics are the important ones to take note so you can keep on improving your B2B sales and marketing efforts!

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