Narrowcasting – Why a viral video isn’t always best

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Narrowcast vs Broadcast

In business-to-business marketing, you have a budget, and every dollar spent needs to count. It’s tempting to broadcast your message – it pleases the majority, and if you’re lucky, your videos go viral and you’ll enjoy impressive metrics and reach more folks than you’d ever hoped. However, does a viral video really result in more sales? What are the chances of those videos going viral in the first place?

Maybe you should share your message in a narrowcast instead of a broadcast. At Consensus, our business stands for buyer enablement – helping buyers to buy. Many sales representatives in B2B sales find themselves trying to sell their solution to a whole group of buyers within an organization when, in reality, they should be speaking to just a few select people. Narrowcasting attracts a small number of enthusiastic supporters who passionately support your brand.

Narrowcasting isn’t new. Marketing visionaries like Seth Godin have been preaching about it for more than 15 years. Essentially, you abandon the old tactic of interrupting the masses (because they’ve become really great at ignoring you) in favor of finding the small but passionate fringe that loves what you do.

Benefits of narrowcasting

The benefits of narrowcasting include:

  • It’s more effective vis-a-vis your marketing budget. Thinking smaller really can lead to your business expansion – with a targeted marketing approach, you can build a small but passionate group of supporters; that group of devoted fans can then spread the word about your product.
  • It makes your message stand out from the noise. When we try to reach a large, diverse audience, we need to dilute our message so that it can apply to everyone. As a result, the watered-down message is far less inspiring. On the other hand, when we’re speaking to a small group of supporters, we can use far more compelling messages.
  • It ensures that your message is targeted to every user. The more targeted your message is, the more likely it is that your audience will support it, engage with it and, ultimately, share it with others. This substantially expands your business reach and connection with other audience members.

Narrowcasting tips

Now that you’ve decided to narrowcast your message, how can you do so most effectively? Here are some tips:

  • Use video in your message. Presentation videos are streamlined, compelling and effective storytellers. Sales presentation videos can convey complex information in just a few minutes – they explain your company’s mission, product overview, product details and pricing information. Your story will practically tell itself, which means your product virtually sells itself. With Consensus for distribution, you can effortlessly upload your video and distribute it to your prospects straight from your phone.
  • Define your audience so you can locate those people who need the precise product that you’re offering. Our Demolytics™ dashboard helps you find and connect with every member of the buying group by tracking exactly what is relevant to that individual. It’s the future of B2B marketing.
  • Develop content that your target will emotionally connect with. We are far less likely to ignore a message that is tailored for us; when we’re interested, we pay attention, engage and connect. Think of this as having profound conversations with a few devoted aficionados of your business versus shallow conversations with many acquaintances.

Consensus takes narrowcasting to the next level by automatically adjusting message on the fly.

Got questions? Watch the demo here.

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