New Flat Design for Consensus Player


Flat design has taken the web design world by storm in recent year (no that’s not a typo). Rounded, raised with any bit of depth dimension or ‘heaviness’ are now cast aside in favor of square, flat, and light. When you automate your product demo, it represents you and your brand. You want it to look great. So if you think flat design is where it’s at, you’ll be happy to hear that as of a few days ago, we’re sporting a new ‘Flat Design’ option for the product demo player.

You’ve always been able to select your brand’s colors for the theme, but now you can choose between Classic Design and the new Flat Design.

Flat design option in Choose Your Theme

Here are a couple of other screenshots to give you a flavor for it (click to enlarge):

Forms in the new flat design

Personally, I like both the flat design and the classic design, though I have to admit I’m partial to the new design. Which do you like better?

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