Qualtrics Insight Summit: Highlights from Beats by Dre CMO

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Omar Johnson, CMO of Beats by Dre, took the stage at Qualtrics Insight Summit last week in Salt Lake City. He shared some incredible insight into the business and marketing world of Beats by Dre., and what it means to market with emotion. Check out the highlights:

  • Data without emotion is for lazy marketers

Every marketer knows that stories are what draws people in to our solutions or products. Stories are relatable, emotional and memorable. Stories with data are even more powerful. However, using data as a selling point in itself is lazy. Stats are not memorable, because they aren’t tied to anything personal or relatable for a prospect. Omar said, “Great data’s important. But great insight is more important.” While data is crucial to validating your solution and its success, remember to not become overly reliant on it as a marketing tactic. Draw out the “WHY” of your data – use it as the backbone to drawing insight from your buyers, and tell an incredible story with it.

  • Your product in the experience

A massive focus of Qualitrcs Summit was on using experiences to elevate products from their competition. Particularly during the buyer’s journey, an excellent experience can pave the way for an incredible vendor-customer relationship. As buying groups continue to grow in size for B2B companies and buyers are coming to sales reps later and later in the buying journey, we need to figure out what they really care about so our sales reps can make their time with prospects as meangingful as possible. Buyers are emotional, risk adverse and desire a personalized experience. Put yourself in their shoes and figure out what an incredible buying experience would look like to them.

Defining your product for a metric is a losing battle

“To me, the moment you print a numerical stat on your package, you become obsolete because your competitor can print a higher number.” Omar nailed it on the head when it comes to stats and metrics. Think of some of the most memorable brands: Nike, Apple, Google. They’re not using metrics as their selling point – they have authentic stories that demonstrate the values of their companies and (circling back to the first point) drive emotion and relatability in their audience. At Consensus, we have core values and aspirational values. These come through in our work everyday, and tell our story. What’s your company’s story?

Did you make it to the Qualtrics Summit? Share your favorite parts from the show in the comments below!

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