Quote Roller Review: Why Our Sales Account Exec Loves It


As a SaaS sales person, sometimes I ironically feel at odds with the technology at my disposal that is supposed to make my life easier. I seem to spend too much time fussing with my wifi connection or the quality of my audio connection for sales calls. Don’t even get me started with the issues present in our screen sharing presentation service. However, there is one particular piece of technology that is a total joy to use. It is reliable, user friendly and crazy efficient once you are acclimated to using it. That is Quote Roller: a smart document automation tool for sales.

Simplify Sending Sales Proposals

quote roller sales proposal videoAt Consensus™, no doubt similar to many SaaS companies alike, we have a need to send out electronic documents in conjunction with our product offering. Historically this has been a major four letter word inducing process to try to bandage together systems to Frankenstein together a document that would fit your needs. At Consensus, we are swooning over Quote Roller’s ability to solve this problem. The needs that Consensus was looking to fulfill with a proposal/document platform was something that was fast, template based, easy to use, and easily editable and reliable. We found a fit for these needs with Quote Roller.

Because proposals for our offering is module based according to the needs of each customer, having a system that could simply add or subtract services quickly in the proposals helped us a lot. With Quote Roller, it only takes us a couple of minutes to generate a proposal and send it to the client because elements of our proposals can be saved into templates and libraries.

Get an Inside Look on Prospects’ Engagement

quote roller automatic signature sales repAs nice as those features are, the real magic happens once a proposal is sent. Quote Roller’s offering has forward thinking features like engagement email notifications, in document collaboration and wonderful viewing analytics. These tools help you understand how your proposal is being reviewed, or ignored, within your prospects organization. The platform even helps your sales reps’ effectiveness by providing dashboards and statistics around view, acceptance and decline rates. One aspect that I find particularly helpful is Quote Roller’s electronic signature process. It’s seamless and is triggered by a distinctive “Accept” button. Oh, the accept button and the news that it brings! It’s fast, simple, easy and it makes my life easier.

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