What Are the Best Practices in Creating Product/Service Video Demos?

You finally have your shot to get in front of the key stakeholders who are interested in your product. The last thing you want to do is blow this opportunity by using a lengthy or boring video demo. Read on to find out what marketing and product demo pros say are winning strategies to create your perfect video.

Angus Chang

Angus Chang

Angus Chang, Co-Founder & Director of iupilon.

Use Simple Videos to Educate Audience, Offers Solutions

Your demo video must offer a solution to a specific problem. You should keep in mind that you are not only selling but offering a customer solution to a specific problem they are expecting from your product or service. Address the pain point of your target audience.

Keep your demo video as simple as possible because nobody has time to watch a long, complex video about your product. Most people prefer a video with a quick solution to their problem.

You should avoid a promotional tone in your demo video, educate your audience about the process, and offer valuable information. Your video should cover all relevant and technical aspects of your product uniquely and memorably.

Richa Saxena

Richa Saxena

Richa Saxena from Vem.

Understand Context, Inform and Inspire Viewers

Some of the best practices to produce a product video is to understand the context. Context is one of the most important aspects as it helps to understand for whom the demo is being created. It’s important to not just talk about the product or the service but also show the consumer how the product or the service fits into their lives.

Another great aspect to keep in mind is that a great product video informs as well as inspires the viewers toward your products.

When making a product demo, ensure that you don’t include just the technical specifications but also the people behind the product or the service.

Sarah Walters

Sarah Walters

Sarah Walters, Marketing Manager, The Whit Group.

Customized Videos Using the Data from Prospect Clients

What I find most effective are customized videos using the data from prospective clients. This is because they can see if our services can solve a problem that they currently have. Also, the feedback that I get is so specific that I can also identify if I have the tools they need or if I can get the product for them.

Tommy Mello

Tommy Mello

Tommy Mello, Founder, and CEO at A1 Garage Door Service.

Having a Well-Defined Script

This comes very handily as it helps you set the message of your video. It also gives you a structured way of going into it.

Create a brief outline of the details that you would like to include in the video. Keep refining the ideas until you think that you have come to a point where you think you’re good to go. Also, do a run-through with the script. It will allow you to understand the things that need work before you can proceed to shooting the final video demo.

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