Three Levels of Branching Demo Automation

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The patented branching demo automation technology that drives CONSENSUS enables prospects to self-select their way through personalized video demo of your product or solution and then sends notifications and proprietary data back to the sales team to give further insights into what is driving the prospect’s interests. We call these demo analytics and insights Demolytics®.

Dynamically driven video and document content dramatically impact engagement, close rates, and sales cycles. CONSENSUS customers experience increases in close rates as much as 44%.

CONSENSUS provides different levels of demo automation, each with more sophisticated branching and personalization. In each of these demo types, CONSENSUS encourages the prospect to share the demo with others so that you can discover and engage the buying group more quickly.

Single Video Demos

Single Video Demos include just one video. They are the simplest to set up, but don’t provide any branching and therefore don’t provide as much data around buyer interests and priorities. They do provide notifications back to the sales team, but have limited Demolytics.

To create a Single Video Demo simply upload a video into CONSENSUS and send it out through the app, through our Gmail and Outlook integrations, or through our CRM integrations (Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics).

When your viewers watch the demo, they’ll go straight to the video and begin watching. CONSENSUS notifies you and you can view heatmaps to see how much of the demo they’ve watched. Unlike Standard Personalized Demos, the demo doesn’t ask questions and/or dynamically display or branch to other content.

Standard Personalized Demos

Standard Personalized Demos start with a series of questions (sometimes after a brief intro video) that ask the prospect to indicate what their priorities are and what is driving their interests. The prospect indicates whether a topic is Very Important, Somewhat Important, or Not Important. 

Just like an expert salesperson, CONSENSUS then dynamically collects video clips and documents related to their responses and creates the perfect demo uniquely designed for them. That way they learn about your product or solution in the most relevant way possible.

CONSENSUS starts with in-depth videos and documents related to topics that are Very Important to them then follows with shorter summary videos and documents that are Somewhat Important to them. It skips over topics that are Not Important to them.

Because CONSENSUS asks several questions to personalize the demo to the prospect’s unique interests, it gathers proprietary data about the prospect’s purchasing priorities and send them back to the sales team. Sales people go to the dashboard to drill down and see further heatmaps and details about the buying group.

PRO TIP: Use Analytics for Champions to Move the Deal Faster

Your prospects can also tap into these kinds of analytics for other colleagues with whom they shared the demo. Not only does CONSENSUS notify and share data with the sales team, but with the internal champion that is tag teaming with your AE to get the deal done.

Aggregate Demolytics™

When you roll up the kinds of data you can get from each individual, you get some really interesting insights about what is driving prospect interests across all of your prospective customers.

Take a look at what is driving the interests the most in our own demo targeted at Marketing personas.

When you look at trends over time, you get further insights. If we look at the feature in our demo titled Interactive Personalization, the snapshot above looks like it is one of the top 3, and that’s helpful, but when we look at how that feature is trending over time, it shows that there is increasing interest in Interactive Personalization in the last couple of months.

Advanced Personalized Demos

Advanced Personalized Demos start by asking a question that then branches to one of any number of other demos. The question might be about their vertical (“Choose the industry that best represents you?” or their persona (“Choose the role that best describes you?”). In our demo, for example, we use the Role.

That way we can target the introductory video they see, the initial pitch or vision of our product, and emphasize what’s important to that persona. Our customers that use this feature and approach, almost always immediately double their lead conversion rate because of the targeted nature of the content.

Advanced Personalized Demos also give you further data to learn from. As an example, out of the 2812 demo views we’ve had of our own demo in the last 30 days, you can see 68% of our prospects identify with the sales role, 25% with the Marketing role, and 8% with the Channel role.

What sort of technology are you using to track these sorts of data points — if any? If you’re curious about how our clients are now recording and editing their own demo videos from within our platform, check out Consensus Studio™.

Consensus is Intelligent Demo Automation that scales your presales function.