What Are Your Tips for Keeping People’s Attention With Product/Service Demos?

What are your tips for keeping people’s attention with product/service demos?

At Consensus, we’re all about removing friction on the way to making the sale. One of those friction points can be the human attention span. If your buyer has hundreds of things to do in one day, how do you get them to devote their full attention to your demo? We crowdsourced this question to a panel of professionals. Read on to learn more.

Kristen Bolig

Kristen Bolig

Kristen Bolig, CEO, SecurityNerd.

Keep it Short

Sometimes you can’t necessarily overcome people’s short attention span, but you can accommodate it. Keeping demos short will automatically make a difference. Avoid long paragraphs of talking or information – focus on the most important points. Then, keep it interesting. Use engaging language and frequently change up angles and images/videos to keep the viewer more engaged.

Kevin Nguyen

Kevin Nguyen

Kevin Nguyen, Founder at KevinNguyenExperiences.com.

Hook Them Immediately and Offer Incentives

1) Remember, the beginning of your demo is when you have the most attention from your prospective clients – you need to start strong and hook them immediately before they are distracted.

  • By hooking them in, you’ll be able to generate a conversion between yourself and your clients. Learn what their pain points are and pivot/tailor your pitch to meet their needs. Rather than showing your client what you think they need, you will be showing them what they want based on their pain points.
  • Focus on solving their problems and not just showing features.

2) Incentives are a huge motivator for humans in general. If you can provide an incentive that requires the client to pay attention, you’ll have a much more focused demo.

  • The incentive could involve a quick and easy quiz based on certain points mentioned in the demo.
  • The incentive should be something that an average consumer can use – like a gift card to popular online retailers.
Brian Donovan

Brian Donovan

Brian Donovan, CEO, Timeshatter.

It’s All About Timing

It’s no secret that our attention spans are shorter than they have ever been. With the rise in popularity of social media, we’re on to the next thing in under 5 seconds, usually.

So how do product demos overcome the attention span of a gnat? Well, it’s all about timing. You want to keep your demo short and lead with the most important information about your product first. Draw them in by telling them how your product will solve their problems and show them a brief demonstration.

If they want to ask questions, then, of course, you can go into more detail. But keeping it short, while still giving them the important information they need about your product, will allow them to make up their minds quickly without feeling like they’re listening to a sales pitch about why they need a timeshare, without the fancy dinner.

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