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WEBINAR: Fabulously Successful Presales/Sales Partnering Principles

Garret Erickson


“Our job is to make you fabulously successful…!” proclaims a senior presales leader to her sales counterparts.  But how do we make this a win-win-win scenario for sales, presales, and customers?  We’ll explore sales/presales partnering models and (best and worst) practices for discovery, Vision Generation, Demos, POCs – and the uncomfortable realities that we face when working as teams.




About the Presenter

Have you ever seen a bad software demo?


Peter Cohan is the founder and principal of The Second Derivative and the Great Demo! methodology, focused on helping software organizations improve their sales and marketing results – primarily through improving organizations’ demonstrations. He has experience as an individual contributor, manager and senior management in marketing, sales, business development, and as a member of the C-suite. He has also been, and continues to be, a customer.