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Webinar – Quit Wasting Your Wasted Demos

John Cook

“50% of the leads you generate are qualified but are not ready to buy right now…!” But research shows that demos are the number type of information that buyers want from vendors.


  • If you are in presales: How many “wasted” demos do you and your team deliver each week to prospects that are “just browsing”?
  • If you are in sales: How many wasted sales calls consume your time each week with prospects that are “just browsing” and not yet in a buying process?
  • If you are an SDR or BDR: How many prospects that have asked to see a demo tell you, “Yes, this is an active project” that turn out to be “just browsing”?
  • If you are in marketing: How many “just browsing” prospects are turned away, never to return?
  • And if you have ever been a prospect: How often were you put-off by vendors that wouldn’t show you a demo (and their website didn’t provide enough info to satisfy)?

We propose a new type of demo – Ignition! Demos – designed to engage the “just browsing” prospects and turn them into customers – while avoiding the waste.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Why Ignition! Demos – and the Associated (Huge) Opportunity
  • See an Ignition! Demo Example
  • Explore and Compare Strategy and Approaches, including
    • No Touch
    • Low Touch
    • High Touch

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