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Webinar – Reconstructing Presales

John Cook

Imagine having to rebuild your Formula 1 car while simultaneously flying around the track at breakneck speed. That’s very close to the task Delia Parman was given this past year, as she led her presales team through an acquisition, a management change, a complete restructure, and of course, COVID19.

Join Delia Parman, Senior Director, Solution Consulting at Medidata, as she discusses the leadership strategies that not only preserved performance and morale, but ultimately resulted in “record laps”.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Switching presales assignment models
  • Cultural touchstones
  • Handling attrition
  • Halving onboarding through immersion
  • Preserving morale
  • Building buy-in

Don’t miss this masterclass in change management.