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Webinar- What is Presales? I Don’t Remember! with John McGann

John Cook

The Lines are Blurring …

  • Sales is Presales
  • Post-sales was always Presales
  • Marketing is Presales (what??)
Presales is enjoying an explosion of exposure and influence. It turns out that Presales motions most closely reflect how buyers now prefer to buy.
The value that customers seek during a decision cycle is the kind of value that a presales professional can bring, which means that demand is high! While that all sounds great, let’s step back and consider the implications of this new era of Presales-reliance. John McGann, Vice President of Technology Solutions and Cloud Engineering at Oracle, joins us to make sense of these implications and how the voice of presales will shape the way businesses operate moving forward. In this session, we’ll discuss:
  • Presales taking on Post-Sale and expansion responsibility
  • The problem of scale
  • The call to innovate
  • The three things I wish I’d known a year ago

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