What Are Sales Enablement Tools and How Do You Use Them?

What Are Sales Enablement Tools and How Do You Use Them

What are sales enablement tools and how do you use them?

  1. They generate more than just leads
  2. They provide you with new information
  3. They help you stay ahead of your customers
  4. Managing your sales team better
  5. They measure, analyze, and track data effectively

Until recently, companies were either focused on generating qualified leads and closing them into new clients. However, these days more and more businesses—both small and large—are making use of sales enablement tools to collaborate their marketing and sales efforts.

When companies align both of these departments, they acquire certain advantages which may help in their success. In this case, aligning sales with marketing can give the sales team further context about the leads that are being generated and how they can best follow this up. On the other hand, the marketing team also learns a lot from sales by better understanding the buyer’s journey as well as knowing which leads are right for the business.

Sales enablement tools can help the relationship between sales and marketing by focusing on engagement and content across the entire lifecycle of a lead. A variety of sales enablement tools exist on the market, with each one offering a different way to help your sales and marketing team. Here’s how you can use these tools to help you gain insight into your customers as well as empower your teams to sell.

Generate More Than Just Leads

Sales enablement tools are used by a number of marketing and sales teams to generate leads. While this is indeed one of their primary functions, they have the potential to do so much more.

These tools can be used to follow-up with prospects automatically, which increases the chance of closing the sale. In fact, you can even reduce a lot of the legwork needed by using the data collection capability of your sales enablement tools to gain insights on your buyers.

Gain New Information

Gain New Information

When you use sales enablement tools, you are actually collecting deep pools of data that can be used to develop buyer insights. With this, you can easily find out who has the buying power in a certain company, what are the challenges a company is currently facing, and which industry trends have been influencing their behavior recently.

Once you pair this type of data with proper market research, you can gain the valuable information you need to empower your sales team. Certain enablement tools can even collect and analyze even the most complicated data and provide you with concise analytics that can be updated in real-time.

Stay Ahead of Your Customers

By following up with your target customers and giving them valuable content, your company can stay at the forefront of their minds. One great way to do this is content marketing across a variety of channels. This way, you can keep your customers up-to-date with email newsletters, blog posts, and social media.

However, there is a good chance that your sales teams are going to be too busy to have the time to make use of all these channels. By using sales enablement tools, you can create and optimize multiple channels for sales and manage individual leads. They can also optimize both your sales and marketing endeavors by analyzing the behavior of your prospects and delivering the necessary information. Essentially, this can be used to improve your existing campaigns and launch new ones.

Better Manage Your Sales Team

Better Manage Your Sales Team

Most tools for sales enablement can give you everything you need to manage your sales team. This means you can help your sales team realize their full potential with best practice policies, playbook development, coaching tools, and call management.

Sales enablement tools can be used as a platform to manage your processes and efficiently run your sales team. These tools can also give you an insight as to the materials you might need at any point during the sales cycle, and you can use them to develop these materials.

Measure, Analyze, and Track Data

Lastly, sales enablement tools can be used to improve the performance of your sales team by automatically measuring and tracking strategies and goals. If your sales team does not lack data, then these tools will be able to assist them to use it more meaningfully.

You can utilize sales enablement tools to make this process easier and gain a deeper insight and understanding of sales tactics, channels, strategies, and goals. By doing it this way, your sales team can better understand what works and what does not, as well as pinpoint areas where they can still improve. Once they have taken all of these data into account, they can then refine their sales processes and continually enhance their performance.

Key Takeaway

There is an almost endless amount of best practices and tactics surrounding effective selling. Luckily, there are also sales enablement tools available in the market that have been designed specifically to enhance sales performance.

Sales enablement tools can be used to improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your sales team which, in turn, boosts revenue for the company.

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