What Personalized Sales Content Really Means

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We’re obsessed with the concept of “personalizing” everything nowadays. As more B2C marketing and selling strategies seem to bleed into B2B strategies, personalization is no exception. Which is very smart, because at the end of the day, you still need buy-in from individual people – regardless if it’s B2C or B2B. And each of these people needs a personalized message that conveys unique value and meaning to them in order to want to buy. But, are we getting too comfortable with tossing that “personalization” word around? Here’s a breakdown of what personalization in B2B sales and marketing isn’t – and what it is.

Using Their Name Doesn’t Make it Personalized

Having lots of personalization tokens throughout your automated emails doesn’t deem your marketing strategy personalized. Maybe years ago when this practice first started it gave prospects a more personal feel, but today’s world knows better. Today’s world knows that it’s just another marketing automation tool that’s generating their name in some field. Which, can actually have the opposite effect sometimes and leave prospects feeling frustrated and annoyed that “spammy” mail is trying to mask itself as personal outreach.

Trying to Predict What Your Prospect Wants Is Only Half of the Equation

One popular B2B sales and marketing strategy is trying to predict, and deliver, the right content to your prospect throughout their buying journey. There is absolutely value in that and you should do it – however, it’s easy to forget that they probably have at least six other people they need buy-in from as well, and each of those six other people are going through their own buying journey with your solution. Most importantly, they all have different needs and value points that you need to connect your solution to.

It’s your job to equip your main contact with the right content for him or her to share internally. This content should be personalized to each individual stakeholder, so your solution can resonate most effectively with each of them and how it will help each of them improve whatever KPI’s, goals or metrics they’re focused on.

Personalized Video Content for Sales and Marketing

Video continues to become a more popular form of easily digestible content for consumers. According to HubSpot, 4X as many consumers prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it in 2017. So how can we take another awesome B2C strategy and morph it to work for B2B? By creating personalized, automated demo videos.

If you’re a sales rep, you can send a personalized demo link to any and all prospects. If you’re in marketing, you can let the demo live on your site (and drive up conversion rates by 4X – learn how in our upcoming webinar). The ultimate goal is to allow each prospect, along with their whole buying group, to learn about your solution in a way that is meaningful to each of them. The demo video is a “choose your own journey” experience that is easily shareable – so once your main contact has it, they can share internally and let each stakeholder tailor their demo experience. On the back end, you get insight through the Consensus platform as to exactly how each of these prospects is interacting with the demo; how did they tailor their demo video, who did they share it with internally, and how did each of those other buying group members interact with it.

This means that you aren’t wasting valuable time trying to guess what content your prospect needs when, because they’re already deciding for you.


What are your views around personalized sales and marketing content? What has and hasn’t worked for you? Please share comments below!

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