Why Videos Are the Preferred Media for B2B Sales

Why Videos Are the Preferred Media for B2B Sales

Why are videos the preferred media type in the B2B environment?

  1. Video compresses information
  2. People prefer video over traditional media
  3. Potential buyers are actively seeking video

B2B sales and marketing are notorious for having very long sales processes, many of which are usually supplemented by sales automation. From searching for potential leads to interacting with and eventually converting them to customers, there are a number of steps that both buyers and sellers have to take in order to close a deal.

A sales team has a lot of methods or tools they can use in order for their team to effectively work. They could focus on creating blog posts and infographics, or focus on improving their sales team’s skills in interacting with potential leads. However, we are slowly finding out that people today prefer to consume content in the form of videos. In fact, numerous businesses are planning on using video as a major part of their marketing plans for this year and beyond. Whether you’re working as a marketer or you’re just browsing the Internet at home, you will most likely enjoy content when they are in video form!

With demo automation and video editing platforms being used in B2B sales systems, companies now realize just how good they are in turning prospects into clients! Indicated below are the reasons why videos are now the preferred media by B2B sales teams!

Video Compresses Information

There are two popular ways for people to consume content from the Internet. The most popular one is through reading. This is the reason why businesses often focus on growing their blogs by consistently releasing new and updated information about the subject in which they are experts in. Because people, in general, are always looking for more information about things that are relevant to them, reading articles, blog posts, whitepapers, and even infographics have gone into the forefront of some marketing efforts! However, this isn’t always the case for B2C sales and marketing.

When it comes to B2B sales efforts, written articles often are not as effective as their video counterparts. The longer sales processes make it so that articles are not as effective and efficient in fleshing out the ideas that a sales team wants to present. This is where video content shines. Videos can be used to compress information into something that requires less time to consume and process — and that doesn’t just include words! It also includes visual aids such as charts and graphics — creating a more personalized and intimate feeling for those who watch it!

There’s a popular statistic that mentions how words amount to only 7% of a person’s communication, while the way you speak, your body language, and the tone of your voice make up the remaining 93%. With videos, you can achieve another level of communication — something that will never be achieved if you relied solely on the written word.

Humans are Programmed to Prefer Video Over Traditional Media

Humans are Programmed to Prefer Video Over Traditional Media

Psychologically speaking, 90% of the information that humans transmit into their brains are visual. We also process visuals 60,000 times faster than written text. Aside from faster processing, the human mind is also more likely to be affected emotionally with the help of visual content.

With that being said, the decision makers of buyers are mostly composed of CFOs, CMOs, CEOs, and COOs. Although there are still some of them who prefer written outputs to get the information that they need, there are still a lot of them who would choose to watch a video to summarize everything that they should know about the service being rendered!

Your Potential Buyers Are Actively Seeking Video

Your Potential Buyers Are Actively Seeking Video

It’s already a given that when you’re selling a product, your sales and marketing processes are a lot more important (to a certain extent) than the product itself. This is more apparent now that a lot of the products that are being sold are software that is continually upgraded over the Internet.

Remember that whenever a potential buyer is considering to buy your product or service, they will probably do their own research about it online. Many of them would probably end up watching a product demo or service demo on relevant video platforms such as YouTube.

At the end of the day, video is now the most sought-after media there is, particularly for people and companies that plan on buying a certain product or service. Content, in the form of videos, are also relatively easier to optimize for mobile, which makes it easier to tap into the majority of internet traffic!

Key Takeaway

Videos have been around for a long time. While they have become a staple in B2C sales efforts, it has only started to enter the B2B sales environment. Along with multiple kinds of sales automation, particularly demo automation, video is now something that is preferred by the majority of people in B2B sales—both as a sales tool and a buyer’s source of information.
Keep your sales efforts above and beyond your competitors by embracing video as one of your go-to sales tools!

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