Selling is hard. Buying is harder.

There are no complex sales…only complex purchases. Only buyers can close deals. So make buying easier, and you’ll close faster and more often.

What is buyer enablement?

Your champion does the selling for you…but they’re not good at it. They need your help!

Buying behaviors have changed

Buyers spend only 17% of the entire buying process in direct contact with vendors. They spend the rest of their time in research and in building the case with other stakeholders to spread the risk.

You have to change your focus

Make it easier for your champions to self-educate and to promote you internally so they can move forward with confidence and credibility.

Stop selling. Be a buyer coach.

Coaches don’t force their processes—they guide buyers through theirs. Get familiar with their complex tasks, the obstacles and the resources they need. That builds trust, speeds up decisions and brings them back for more.

Buyer enablement through demo automation

Consensus simplifies the complex process of buying through interactive demo experiences that make buying easier and faster.

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Selling Is Hard. Buying Is Harder: How Buyer Enablement Drives Digital Sales and Shortens the Sales Cycle

What drives B2B sales most effectively—focusing on what you do as a salesperson or on what your champion and the buying group does behind the scenes? Focus on making buying easier and your prospects will buy from you faster and more often.

Garin Hess

CEO, Consensus

Sell Between Meetings

6 Types of demos to accelerate buyer decisions

Demos are your buyers’ most valuable interactions. Know which to digitize, anticipate needs, and free up your sales engineers’ time for strategic conversations with demo-qualified buyers. ​​

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