The all presales virtual conference

DEMOFEST is a virtual event focusing on all aspects of sales engineering / technical sales. From discovery and qualification to demos, POCs, and compensation, you’ll supercharge presales at DEMOFEST.

I missed DemoFest. Can I still watch the sessions?

You betcha! We’ve recorded every session so you can dive in or revisit all of the great content from DEMOFEST 2021.

Click into any session below to get a link to the recording.


Becoming a Power User of Consensus Snap

Myles Taylo, Client Success Manager, Consensus

It’s time for the ‘Tech Sales Role Mashup’

Don Carmichael, Founder, Winning Skills

The Magic Combination: Salesforce and Consensus

Brian Zurcher, Head of Product, Consensus

Andy Paul, founder of The Sales House
Speed to Discovery is Speed to Influence

Andy Paul, Founder, The Sales House

Next Level Sales User Training

Myles Taylor, Client Success Manager, Consensus

How To Streamline the Sales Process Within an International Company

Olivier Latour, Senior Director Business Consulting EMEA South, ADP

Expansion and Renewal Demos

Peter Cohan, Principal, The Second Derivative

Becoming a Screen Recording Pro

Derek Zierenberg, Customer Success Manager, Consensus

Go Ahead, Create Content. Now What?

Aimee Gordon, Director of Global Virtual Experience Content Team, SAP

How a Consensus Sales Rep uses Demo Automation to Sell Consensus

Taylor Jeffrey, Account Executive, Consensus

Six Ways to Speed Up Sending Demoboards In Your Workflow

Alex Edwards, Head of Client Success, Consensus

Six Types of Video Content to Help Progress Your Sales Cycle

Thomas Edwards, Senior Manager, Finance Transformation EMEA, Trintech

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