The all presales virtual conference

DEMOFEST is a virtual event focusing on all aspects of sales engineering / technical sales. From discovery and qualification to demos, POCs, and compensation, you’ll supercharge presales at DEMOFEST.

I missed DemoFest. Can I still watch the sessions?

You betcha! We’ve recorded every session so you can dive in or revisit all of the great content from DEMOFEST 2021.

Click into any session below to get a link to the recording.


Demo Automation Strategies

Garin Hess, Founder & CEO, Consensus

Case Study: Scaling Presales with Intelligent Demo Automation

Brian Oehling, Sr Director Digital Transformation, SAP Concur

Your Technical Sales Are the Unsung Heroes of Your Business

Freedy Mangum, CXO and Presales Advocate

Acting Tips for Connecting On-Camera

Julie Hansen, Founder, Performance Sales & Training

Why add video and automation to your presales process?

Tony Francetic, Solutions Consultant Manager, Thomson Reuters

Four Must-Have Moments in Every Successful Sales Demonstration

Chris White,

Story Crafting for Maximum Results

Mark Green, Technology Evangelist, Sage

Virtual presales panel to discovery and beyond
Presales Panel & Giveaways

Julie Hansen, Don Carmichael, Peter Cohan, Kevin O'Brien, and John Care,

The Future of Sales Engineering/ Presales: a World Without Demos?

Don Carmichael, Founder, Winning Skills

3 Ways Presales Must Evolve in a Product Led World

Rob Falcone, Sr Director of Sales Engineering, Guru

7 Habits of Highly Effective PoCs

Tony Matos, Director of Sales Engineering, Citrix

Keynote: Non-Financial Presales KPIs

Adam Freeman, Head of Presales, Supply Chain & Hospitality, The Access Group

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