Panel | Essential SE’s: Whom Presales Leaders are Hiring and Keeping

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About the Presenters

Tony Francetic

Senior Manager, Solutions Consulting Thomson Reuters

Tony Francetic (Thomson Reuters) – Tony is the Senior Manager of Solutions Consulting with the Tax Professional Sales department at Thomson Reuters. In this role, Tony oversees a team of 32 solutions consultants that provide web-based and live product demonstrations during the sales process. Additionally, his team includes product trainers and sales coaches. Before moving into his role in presales, he managed a team of trainers in another division. Tony started his career at Thomson Reuters providing technical support to Thomson Reuters products and then transitioned full-time as a technical trainer. He continues to train internally on presentation skills and Crucial Conversations. Tony holds a Cyber Defense degree from Baker College and an Integrated Leadership Studies degree from Central Michigan University.

Lori Payne

Presales Executive

Lori Payne is currently a Presales Executive. Lori has been in the software industry for 25 years, leading teams for over 10 years. For Lori, none of the roles she’s held in her software career hold a light to her love of Presales. Lori is an open, transparent leader with a passion for increasing growth mindsets of those around her, advocating for her Team and encouraging more Women in Tech to pursue their goals.

Brian Oehling

Global Head Presales, SMB SAP Concur

“Brian heads a global organization of high-performance Presales resources specializing in Solutions Consulting, Security/Technical Consulting, and Digital Presales to drive SAP Concur’s sales funnel. Bringing over 20 years of innovation experience and leadership to his role with 15 years in Presales, he has led several enterprise and small to medium sized organizations. His passion for digital transformation, buyer enablement, Sales/Presales, his customers, and the professional development of his team to drive real customer value are what drives him daily. Brian’s organization at SAP Concur has successfully created, developed, and implemented buyer enablement best practices delivering real value across their buyer and seller stakeholders.

Ron Whitson

Vice President - Global Presales Services (GPS) Seismic

Ron Whitson is an accomplished Presales leader with a remarkable background in sales engineering and solution consulting. With a natural talent for simplifying complex software and presenting it in a straightforward manner, he has an exceptional ability to connect with his audience and gain their trust through his compelling storytelling skills.

As an effective team leader, Ron has a proven track record of building and leading high-performing teams. In his current capacity as Vice President of Global Presales Services (GPS) at Seismic, he leads a team of sales engineers and helps others start their careers in this field. In addition, Ron is a member of the leadership team at the PreSales Collective, an organization dedicated to supporting professionals in Presales roles and helping them build successful careers. As a grateful human and lifelong learner, Ron is always looking for ways to grow and improve.

Driven by an unwavering belief in the that Presales is the best job in the software industry, he approaches every project with boundless enthusiasm and a true passion for his work. In fact, he relishes discussing Presales with anyone willing to listen, as it brings him immense joy to share his passion for the profession.