Diversity as a Differentiator: The power of diverse Solution Consulting teams

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Join our panel of Infor Solution Consulting leaders as they explore the many lenses of diversity, and the positive impact diversity plays on their team’s performance and client experience. Hear stories from varied career paths to SC Leadership. Learn how to tap into your uniqueness to enhance your contributions as an SC or SC leader. Discover how to leverage diverse talent as a differentiator.

  • Our journeys: the distinctly different paths we take to Solution Consulting leadership
  • Diverse representation in our field, and how it relates to client connection
  • A focus on diversity and bias awareness in recruitment and growing talent
  • Hiring, empowering and promoting SCs from a variety of paths and backgrounds to pursue and grow careers in solution consulting
  • How D&I impacts greater outcomes in Solution Consulting

About the Presenters

Sheila Rue

Senior Director Infor

Sheila Rue is the leader of the Early Talent team for Solution Consulting and responsible for the global Digital Demo library content. She gets most excited when uncovering challenges and working toward a collaborative resolution by involving stakeholders from various constituent groups where win-win outcomes are the goal. She partners across the organization to ensure the digital demo library is high quality, easily accessible and empowers our teams to create a positive experience for our clients. She is always working toward new and better ways to illustrate value and sustained mutual benefit for our clients, both internal and external.

Adam Luff

Enterprise Solutions Executive Infor

Adam has made the art and science of solution consulting his life’s work; His early career began as an SC where the light bulb went on behind emphasizing technology’s worth in terms of outcomes for customers and the valuable impacts for an industry. His management experience took off in director roles at Oracle, Salesforce, and later the VP of Solution Strategists at GE Healthcare where he defined the strategy and user experience for their AI Cloud while managing SC and clinical directors for the medical device business.

Tara Merry

VP, Solution Consulting Infor

Tara Merry is a cross-functional leader and outcome-based general manager, who excels at leading through complex and ambiguous challenges, and digital transformation. She has a strong foundation in supply chain and information systems, paired with years of experience in strategic and product marketing, along with product and general management. Tara currently leads a dynamic team of THE MOST amazing solution consultants on this planet! She is energized to reimagine how pre-sale contributes to drive the business transformations required to meet customers where they are based on their digital buyer experience.

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