Scaling Presales: 8 Strategies to Boost Coverage and Customer Experience With Existing Headcount

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TIP: Use these strategies to drive digital presales transformation with remote teams and clients.

BONUS: This ebook also includes links to a Key Activity Gap Analysis spreadsheet template and a case study by Oracle.

In this easy-to-consume ebook, learn about eight micro-strategies that, when combined, drive exponential results with existing sales engineering resources.

New topics include:

  • Define and measure the “demand gap” and the “key activity” gap
  • Eliminate wasted demos with better qualification and the new Demo Qualified Lead (DQL) stage
  • Categorize the 6 demo types and where they belong
  • Automate repetitive early-stage demos using Intelligent Demo Automation
  • Delegate to the Sales team by equipping them with resources
  • Use video for multi-lingual market coverage
  • Conduct webinars for mass early-stage live-demos
  • Define what KPIs show if you’re making progress scaling your presales team

Use a few of these strategies or use them all. One thing is for sure–you’ll drive presales productivity without the need to increase headcount.


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