What Are the Advantages of Interactive Demos Over Regular Demos/Micro Demos?

The advantage of interactive demos over regular or micro demos

Using interactive demos represents one of today’s hottest trends in sales and has forever changed the way companies buy and sell products and services. Business leaders weighed in on some of the advantages of interactive sales demos and why they prefer them over traditional presentations.

Marvin Magusara

Marvin Magusara

Marvin Magusara, Founder of To The Top Agency.

You can ‘Show and Tell’ Without the Product

Salespeople often depend on the “show, don’t tell mantra.” That’s why micro demos have been dominant for so long. However, the “show, don’t tell” style of sales has a plethora of shortcomings. For starters, you may not always have access to the product.

Interactive demos provide the perfect means to sell a product when you don’t have access to the physical product.

Interactive demos have been great for sales enablement at our company. Interactive demos show the product in an easy-to-understand and extremely compelling way. In our case, interactive demos have given us the perfect low-friction sales enablement process, and we couldn’t be happier.

Edward Ratner

Edward Ratner

Edward Ratner, Founder, and CEO at Edammo Inc.

Four Advantages Of Interactive Demos

1. A Great First Impression

Interactively demonstrating your product engages your customers and makes them feel more involved. This engagement makes your product memorable and enjoyable for the user.

2. It’s Alive! Features & Benefits

Demos that are interactive and educational will engage and educate your potential customers.

3. Lead Generation and Sales Enablement

Interactive demos are great tools for facilitating the buyer’s journey and generating leads through an easy-to-use sales process.

4. Connecting e-Commerce

Consider a 3D augmented reality display that reveals the view of a consumable part and then directs the viewer to a website where he or she can buy that part. Connecting users directly through interactive product demos increases e-Commerce engagement.

Sara Graves

Sara Graves

Sara Graves, Co-Founder of USTitleLoans.

Five Key Advantages

The primary goal of every product demo is to show how a specific product works. However, interactive product demos can make your product stand out and encourage prospects to give it a try.

Below are a few advantages of interactive demos over regular demos/micro demos:

  1. Interactive demos showcase product insights creatively and more professionally.
  2. Innovation and creativity of interactive demos make a solid first impression about your product.
  3. Interactive product demos present a product in an extremely educational and compelling way.
  4. User-friendly and augmented 3D format product demos resonate with the product’s best features and give customers a chance to “kick the tires.”
  5. Instead of long explanations, interactive product demos directly address a consumer’s problem and convince them that this is the best solution for it.

Tommy Mello

Tommy Mello, CEO of A1Garage.

Allows First-Hand Look at the Product

Interactive demos have been proven to generate amazing sales. Interactive demos provide a stunning 3D visual representation of the product with the features it comes with. This allows the user to capture a first-hand look at the product in the best possible way. Regular demos, where there is a lot of talking can bore the potential customer. Interactive demos provide you an edge in winning over a customer as they are deemed to be more customer involving.

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