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Demochimp is now Consensus

DemoChimp has been a fantastic brand name for where we were when we started. When we founded this company we believed this solution was going to appeal mostly to small businesses and that it was going to be focused just on automating demos. Since then our vision, and our solutions, have grown tremendously. Some of the world’s largest companies use our technology today to solve the largest unsolved problem in B2B sales: driving agreement across the stakeholders in the buying group. This dramatically shortens the sales cycle and increases close rates. Our solutions and analytics today are so much more than just delivering an automated demo.

We also have plans to move beyond demos as the vehicle for this solution. DemoChimp as a name just became too small of a box for the big problems we’re solving and for connecting heart to heart with the sales and marketing leaders of the world’s best companies. Consensus not only describes the core benefit our technology delivers to B2B sales and marketing teams, it also gives us an umbrella large enough for our future product roadmap.