How to Record Your Own Demo

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How to Record Your Own Demo with Screencast-O-Matic & Consensus

This How-To Consensus blog is part of the The Basics – Getting Started Series

By Brian Zurcher and Hilary Bird, @goconsensus

show off sales demoLooking to show off your platform, an integration or a proposal for your client? Our integration with Screencast-O-Matic allows you to create high quality demo videos 100% on your own, from within our platform. This means that you can brainstorm, create and execute on (multiple) videos a day, if need be. The Screencast-O-Matic and Consensus integration give you the control and customizability to design a video that you love (and more importantly, your prospects and clients love).

How to Record Your Demo

Let’s walk through the steps of exactly how to use this integration in our platform:

Just jump into your CONSENSUS platform and start to create your demo under Create New Demo > Single Video Demo or Standard Demo. Any step where you upload video will also give you the option to record new video:

b2b sales demo record screencastomatic consensus

Selecting the Record New Video button will pop up the Screencast-o-matic link where you can download the recorder tool:

screencastomatic record demo integration consensus

Select “Take Me to the Screen Recorder Page” and it will bring you to Screencast-o-matics dedicated page for CONSENSUS (DemoChimp):

record demo with consensus and screencastomatic

If it’s your first time using the recording tool, simply select “Download Install” and follow the instructions to install the tool on your computer. You will see a help pop up that shows what you will need to do in order to use the full tool for free as a CONSENSUS (DemoChimp) user:

consensus demo screencastomatic record

Once the tool is downloaded, you can use Screencast-o-matic to record anything on your screen or webcam! Remember, there is no limit to the number of demos you can upload to CONSENSUS, so take advantage of this free tool by recording how to’s, tutorials, proposal walk throughs and more! Then take advantage of CONSENSUS’ powerful demo analytics platform to get the most out of your new videos.

Looking to get the most out of Screencast-o-matic? Check out their tutorials page to learn how!

Screencast-o-matic Tutorials

 Ready to build your own content?! Check out our Webinar that walks through creating your own demo using the Screencast-o-matic tool & PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Demo Creation Webinar

Click Watch Demo below to see how CONSENSUS can help drive buying consensus by automating custom demo videos.

About the Author

Garin Hess

Garin Hess

Garin Hess is a serial entrepreneur with over 18 years of hands-on in-the-trenches experience. Garin has founded two software companies, two industry conferences, and a non-profit organization. He is currently the founder and CEO of CONSENSUS, an interactive demo automation software company that helps sales organization scale the pre-sales function. Outside of work, he enjoys reading history, mountain biking, singing with and conducting community choirs, and spending time with his family. For Garin, nothing else beats a lazy morning cooking breakfast for his wife and three kids or trying hard to keep up with his son on the tennis court.