Help Resellers Sell you Better

Get More Out of
Your Resellers.

Channel demos to close bigger deals, faster.

Nobody sells you
better than you.

But since you can't be in every deal, you need your resellers to look and sound like you where it counts. Consensus Channel Accelerator maintains your brand message by scaling the way CAMs pitch your product for easy reseller onboarding, education, and enablement.

Be the easiest
vendor to sell.

Price and margin don't guarantee channel success. It's about being the easiest brand to sell.

Demo automation removes confusion from channel partners and empowers them with assets and insights that create and build momentum in deals without taxing your presales teams. This makes your solution th easiest one to sell, and the fastest path to revenue.

Bigger Deals

Presales and sales teams using Consensus achieve more because they focus on the buyers who are most engaged and the activities that will get deals across the finish line.

Close Faster

Eliminate unqualified and unnecessary demos. Let your buyers qualify themselves for live calls by watching demos before they engage with sales reps and sales engineers.

Sell More

Make your first call feel like your third call. Close deals faster with informed, enabled buyers who can view and share content at will and make buying decisions faster.

The Benefits of the
Consensus Marketing Accelerator

For You

  • Consistent brand messaging across the channel

  • Better alignment and training with resellers

  • Greater insight into partner sales activity

  • Extend your footprint with additional use cases and integrations

For Your

  • Increased confidence in channel enablement strategy

  • Eliminate demo lag time

  • Visibility into end customer engagement

  • On demand training for reseller sales reps

For Your

  • Instant access to demos and
    branded assets

  • Larger deals with more add ons

  • Close deals faster with no demo lag time

  • Discover and engage stakeholders better

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