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Consensus AI Vision

In a world where self-directed digital interactions are increasingly the norm, the importance of an effective, engaging software demonstration cannot be overstated. At Consensus, we’re excited to share our vision for the future of buyer (or buying group) enablement and demo automation—a future powered by the limitless potential of generative AI. Our plan is to transform the experiences of both Consensus customers and their buyers in ways never seen before.

Deeply Buyer Centric

Conversational customization that goes beyond a click

Fed By Your Expertise

Trained by your data to think like a sales partner

Human Led, AI Powered

Enabling you to do more of what you are best at

Personalized Buying Like Never Before

Incorporating Consensus AI into your demo and implementing Vision capabilities.

Dynamic Demo Customization

Using large language capabilities in combination with engagement data, AI can understand demo viewers like never before. Imagine a user being able to naturally describe their needs and be given a demo tailor-made with videos, tours, and documents targeted specifically to their use case. We can imagine it, and it’s going to change how people buy software.

Real-time Responses to Buyer Questions

Buyers will always have important questions along their buying journey. Why should they have to wait for that next meeting or an email correspondence to keep their learning progressing forward? Trained on your data, AI can fill the gap, answering questions in real-time and recommending things like videos, tours, and case studies to keep your buyer engaged all along the way.

A mobile app utilizing AI to provide a consensus on English speaking abilities through vision.
A vision-based AI technology analyzes video on a screen, providing valuable insights through Consensus AI.

Streamlined Content Creation

Your demos are only as good as the content inside them. We often hear customers wishing they could create and maintain their demos easier. Why not let AI do the heavy lifting? What if you could upload a video, and let AI create a transcript, write titles, curate feature chaptering, and build the demo for you? Oh, and while we’re at it, how about translations in all the languages you sell into? Yeah, we thought so too.

AI Enabled Analytics

Combining all available data, AI can analyze the engagement level of each prospect and opportunity to give you an overall picture of where they are at and how they compare to your baseline. And, AI can compare demo watch data with conversational word analysis to give you a snapshot of what is top of mind for you buyers in seconds.

AI-powered top of mind dashboard that provides real-time consensus and vision.

We’re Just Getting Started

These are just a few of the ideas we have been baking in our labs, and a taste of things to come on our future roadmap. We believe the power of AI is here to stay, and embracing it will unlock tremendous potential to enable buyers in their journey and shorten your sales cycles beyond what we may have imagined in the past.

Will AI Replace Humans in Sales? 
We Don’t Think So.

We know it’s the elephant in the room. Many are wondering what role AI will play. At Consensus, our view is that AI will become another powerful tool in the sales process enabling you to do your best work.

We understand the value of the human touch. Sales isn’t just about the transaction, its about relationships. We see you as being always at the wheel.

At the same time, everyone in Presales will tell you there are high impact and low impact activities. And ironically, we often get bogged down spending a lot of our time on the low impact tasks that have to be done.

We think embracing AI will actually make you more effective and valuable in your role as it helps you automate and scale your work so that you can put your full effort into what you excel at.

Ai time resetting automated tasks with Consensus AI Vision.

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