Platform tuning for teams across the funnel


Shorten sales cycles and improve close rates

As a core part of the platform, the Sales Accelerator shortens cycle times by 68% by giving AEs and ISRs a way to automate the repetitive parts of their interactions. Consensus educates and qualifies buyers so they’re ready to move towards a deal fast. Reps see who the real buyers are so they only chase what will close and disqualify the rest.

Nicole C.
“Cut your software sales cycle in half.”
Nicole C. | Executive Director, Sales


Equip channel partners instantly while keeping them on message

The Channel Accelerator gives your partner program a killer boost with the best from both the Sales and Marketing Accelerators. Keep partners consistently on message and get real-time data on partner demo performance.

Niel Niemiec
"Consensus has given us a window into how our partners are performing...Now they bring Consensus into their sales process and get quick results."
Niel Niemiec | Sr Solutions Engineering Manager


Convert leads faster and build qualified buying groups

Add lead forms and CTAs to your interactive demos to capture leads at rates 4X higher than standard landing pages. When using authentic videos where viewers choose both the topics and the depth of the content they want to see, you’ll get 3x the engagement vs static or highly produced videos.

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